Bible Reading Plan

Our Bible Reading Plan is available to help you grow in the knowledge of God's Word. Our vision is to be an authentic community of faith that equips people with God's Word to go and share.

Profound Love February 28-March 4

We learn all we need to know about surrender from Jesus Himself. He lived His life in complete dependence on the Father. And everything He did was done in love. Jesus knew that “the Father had put all things under His power.” All the power in the universe was given to Him. What did Jesus…

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Make Me Bold February 21-25

All too often we pray safe prayers like, “God bless me.” Or “God, guide me.” These are safe in that no matter what happens, our confidence in God remains unchallenged. God desires for us to pray prayers that are life-altering and soul-shaping, the kind of prayers that wreck our lives in a good way to…

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Search Me February 14-18

David prayed, “Search me, God, see if there’s “any offensive way” in me.” When you pray that kind of prayer, God is going to show you things that have to go so that He can reclaim your heart, these things that you’ve allowed that have not only captured your heart, but have created a stronghold…

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Help Me To Hear You February 7-11

Prayer in its essence is communicating with God, our Father. It is going before His throne of grace. Any form of real, meaningful communication is not just one-way communication. In other words, praying to God is not just talking to Him, but praying is actually listening to God. God can do way more when we…

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Who Are You? January 31-February 4

As we spend more time seeking God through His Word and in prayer, we will come to better know Him and His character. Conversation with God leads to an encounter with God which leads us to know Him more and more. It is through prayer that we sense His presence, learn His character, and receive…

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