Classes at Anderson Hills Church


Break Free Class

If you find yourself dealing with things like fear, rejection, envy, unforgiveness, and other negative thoughts and unhealthy habits that you can't seem to leave behind-- you're not alone.

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, there are wounds that need to be healed and strongholds that need to be broken. And the truth is that these things keep us from growing closer to the Lord and from fulfilling His purpose in life. You may find yourself willing to grow in your walk with Christ, but are spiritually unable.

This 6-week workshop will address the whys and hows behind the negative thoughts and unhealthy behaviors in your life and will equip you with strategies for how to overcome and find freedom in Christ, and it will propel you in your walk with Jesus-- guaranteed. Our next class starts Sunday April 7, 9:30 am.



The hands of a couple are highlighted as they study the Holy Bible together - focus point on the woman's foreground hand.

Disciple Bible Study

This is a great place to start. Have you ever wished you really knew a lot more about the Bible? Or felt like the Bible is one huge, complex jig-saw puzzle?

DISCIPLE Bible Study is a structured, in-depth study that covers some 85% of the Bible in sessions. It provides transformation, not just information.

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Other Classes

Weekday Classes

Our weekday Bible study groups have a specific focus and are designed to provide an opportunity to deepen your love and commitment to God through life transformation.

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Sunday Groups

Combined with a Worship service, Sunday Groups provide a weekly opportunity to deepen your love and commitment to God through life transformation in community!

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Women's Groups

We want every woman at Anderson Hills to be connected with other sisters in Christ in order to support, to develop and to deepening your relationship with Jesus.

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Men's Groups

Here are just a few of the opportunities to hang out and learn together. Small groups are essential for developing great friendships and a relationship with Christ. At the same time, you get to eat and enjoy yourself! Find a group that fits you!

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