the god of money February 6-10

We have many beliefs about what money can do for us. We say, “Money will satisfy me.” “Money can make me significant.” “Money will bring me security.” When we say these things, we are giving money divine attributes and in so doing, we make it a god in our lives. We are saying that money has the power to do for us what only God can do. Our life purpose is not to pursue wealth, but to pursue God. And in this pursuit, God takes care of our needs and truly brings us life, honor, fulfillment, and sometimes wealth. Money as an idol prevents us from being generous and from trusting God. God wants us to rely on Him; we cannot serve both God and money. Ask

God to help you develop a heart of generosity that leads to contentment.


Day 1       Luke 12:13-21

Reflect: What was behind the man’s request of Jesus? In the parable, why were the rich man’s plans foolish according to God? What does it mean to be rich towards God?

Apply:   Get real about your relationship with money. How is your view of wealth affecting your relationship with God? What treasures has Jesus given you that money cannot buy?

Pray:      Lord, help me examine my behaviors and attitudes toward materialism–grant me the grace of repentance to turn and seek You. May I be a good steward of all You have given me to be a fruitful servant in Your glorious Kingdom.


Day 2       1 Timothy 6:17-19      

Reflect: What does this text say about God? About us? Based on this text, what does serving money as an idol prevent us from doing?

Apply:    In what situations does greed raise its ugly head? What would it take for you to put more trust and hope in God?

Pray:       Father, may I learn to be content, not letting my craving for riches cause me to take my eyes off You. Help me to set my heart upon Your gracious provision, and may my reliance completely rest on You.


Day 3      1 Timothy 6:6-10   

Reflect: What are some of the traps and tragedies that occur with the pursuit of wealth? Describe what God says is the proper relationship we need to have with money.

Apply: If God reveals your plans for selfish gain, how will you respond? How can you develop a heart of generosity leading to contentment? Name one thing you can do.

Pray: Help me to wisely use the money I have and to always regard money and my possessions as my servant, not my master. Take my life and all that I own and let it be consecrated to You.


Day 4      Ecclesiastes 5:10-20     

Reflect: How have you experienced what Solomon is describing? How does Solomon speak to this lesson—“Don’t ask of this life more than it can give.”?

Apply:   Solomon points out that the power of enjoyment is a gift from God. Agree? How do you go from being worried about or greedy for money to enjoying what you have been given?

Pray:     Father, fill me with the satisfaction and joy that is only found in You. May I never look at my many blessings as “my accomplishments” but rather give thanks to You.


Day 5     2 Corinthians 9:6-15     

Reflect: From God’s grace investment in us, what result or return is He expecting? Why does God enrich His people? How does giving encourage people to glorify God?

Apply:   In what ways have people been generous to you? Evaluate your own giving. What may God be calling you to do differently? What do you need to obey from this week’s texts?

Pray:     God, create in me a generous heart that gives freely, abundantly, and with joyful purpose. Use me to be a blessing to someone else.


Put It Into Practice!

Week 3: the god of money

Ask God to help you develop a heart of generosity that leads to contentment. Start with searching your soul and identifying your attitude, fears, and desires regarding money and wealth. What has money or the pursuit of money cost you? What might it cost if you gave up some of your money?  In this area, what is your level of trust of God? With whom can you establish relationships to help you guard against the god of money?