We Pray for Power January 9-13

The Scriptures are filled with powerful signs, wonders and miracles that occurred because of God’s power working in and through people. In the New Testament one main purpose of signs and wonders was to open doors to preach the gospel. These were a means to an end. Jesus didn’t come just to wow people with His power. He came to do the greatest miracle—to save people from their sins. When we pray for power, we are seeking power to do what God calls us to do as the church, individually and collectively. We seek the power to walk in obedience, to overcome the evil one, and to fulfill our purpose and calling in His kingdom.


Day 1       Acts 12:1-19 

Reflect: What do you think the church’s prayers for Peter were like? How many obstacles stood between Peter and freedom? From this event, that did the church learn about God?

Apply:   From this text, what most resonated with you?  Why? How have you been impacted by the display of God’s power displayed through miracles?

Pray:     Holy Spirit, encourage us to pray according to Your leading and to believe that You are able to answer our prayers. May we remember to share the stories of answered prayer to give You all praise!


 Day 2     Matthew 11:1-6 

Reflect: Why did John ask his question? For what kind of power was he looking? Why did Jesus answer John the way He did? How is the power of God described?

Apply:    When have you witnessed these kinds of miracles, both in physical and spiritual ways? Why are signs, wonders and miracles part of God’s kingdom life?

Pray:     Jesus, thank You for reassuring me when everything seems to be moving in the wrong direction. Help me to share in authentic ways with others, what You have done in my life.


Day 3      Ephesians 3:14-21

Reflect: For what reasons did Paul talk, and then pray, about power? Describe the power he refers to in verse 20 and how believers experience it. How have you experienced it?

Apply:   For whom is God nudging you to bend a knee and pray Paul’s prayer?  In your own life, for what do you need God’s power? How are we robbed of the Spirit’s power?

Pray:   Pray that the Father, Son and Spirit, will empower Anderson Hills to spread God’s love and life-transforming power in our community.


Day 4     Acts 4:1–31

Reflect: Why did the miraculous healing bring controversy among the Jewish leadership? What did it afford Peter? For what were the believers praying and why? How did God answer?

Apply:  When have you witnessed God’s power flow through the church? What resulted? How has the Holy Spirit empowered you to share your testimony of Jesus’ love with someone?

Pray:    Lord, help us to share our faith stories with others who might come to know You all the more as a result of our witness. Thank you for those You have sent to share their stories with me.


Day 5     Colossians 1:9-14

Reflect: For what reason did Paul pray for the people to receive God’s power? Why was it important? What kind of life pleases the Lord and why? Compare your life with this life.

Apply:   How has God empowered you to live out your faith, even in tough times? Is your life pleasing and honoring to the Lord in the ways Paul mentions? Why or why not?

Pray:     Father, help me to abide in Christ and to live my life in total dependence upon You. I pray that my Christian brothers and sisters may continue to grow in grace and wisdom to live a life that is pleasing to You.


Put It into Practice!

Week 2: We Pray for Power 

Plan to attend the prayer service at our Anderson Campus on Sunday, Jan. 15, 6:00-7:30. There is power when the church meets together in prayer. Please come to join your voice with others and be equipped to go deeper with the Lord through prayer in 2023. There will be free childcare.