Walking with Jesus in the Storm October 2-6

When the disciples witness Jesus walking on water in the midst of the storm, it is Peter who shouts, “Lord, if it’s You, tell me to come to You on the water.” Jesus affirms his request with one simple word, “Come.” We learn several things from Peter’s stormy encounter with Jesus. Peter didn’t impulsively and recklessly jump out of the boat. Likewise, before we act, we should first ask God about His will.  Then we are to obey Jesus when He calls, even when it seems impossible. With every step of obedience, we cannot lose sight of Jesus. We cannot allow fear to distract us. And when we stumble, we need to remember that God will rescue us.


Day 1      Matthew 14:22-34 

Reflect: What more do you learn about Peter in this text? What does verse 22 teach about the “arrangement” of life’s events? On what were Jesus’ encouraging words based? (v.27)

Apply:   Who do you relate to more, Peter or the other disciples? Why? What storms have you faced that caused you to feel frightened or even terrified to the point of screaming?

Pray:     Lord, thank You that You are in control of every single circumstance of life, no matter how difficult, dangerous, or distressing they become. Keep my heart from doubting Your Word and help me to trust You in all things.


Day 2      Psalm 107:23-29 

Reflect: What does this psalm tell us about the sailors’ experience on the sea? About God’s actions on behalf of the sailors? About their response to God’s intervention and love?

Apply:   What do you learn about God that you can apply to your life? How do you feel about the fact that God both stirs the sea and calms it? 

Pray:     Father, amid the storm I cry out, depending on Your steadfast love. Thank You for hushing the sea and stilling the storms of my life. May Your peace rule my heart and mind, bringing calm to the chaos.


Day 3      Mark 4:36–41 

Reflect: Compare this text with Matthew 14:22-34, noting the differences and similarities. What do you learn? In this encounter, why were the disciples terrified?  

Apply:   When have you been able to “sleep through a storm”?  Why? What would need to change for you to do this more often? 

Pray:     Father, You encourage my faith when the storms of life seem overwhelming. Help me to live as Jesus lived, with total trust and dependence on You.


Day 4      Isaiah 43:1-2 

Reflect: What truths are revealed about God’s relationship with man? In v.1, note the word for; what it is pointing to? Why should we not hang on to fear?    

Apply:   Describe your level of trust in God and your relationship with fear. Of the things that God reminds the people about in v.1, of which do you most often need to be reminded?

Pray:     Lord, as I face the overwhelming storms and flames of life, may I remember Your Word of truth. You are the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-gracious God who promises to  surround me with Your presence of everlasting love. 


Day 5      Psalm 40:1-3 

Reflect: While this is a psalm written by David, how do you see Peter’s experience reflected in these words? Describe David’s experience and what resulted from it. 

Apply:   When have you felt Jesus lift you up as you were sinking? Was your response similar to David’s? With whom have you, or will you encourage by sharing the experience? 

Pray:      Father, thank You that there is no miry clay so oppressive that Your hand of blessing is not able to reach down, raise me up, and set my feet upon the Rock of my salvation. Use my life as a testimony of Your unfailing mercies to bring others to faith in You.


 Put It Into Practice!

Week 2: Walking with Jesus in the Storm  

Look for Jesus in the storms that arise in your life, and help others to see Him in their storms, too.