Vision Week One January 29 – February 2

Jesus has a two-fold mission for His church: edification of the body, or helping those in the church to
grow spiritually and become more like Jesus; and evangelism of the world, or sharing the Gospel to
those outside. This week we will hear what we feel God is calling us to be inside the walls.


Day 1      John 17:20-23

Reflect: Describe the main point of this part of Jesus’ prayer. What will result if Jesus’ disciples are
unified and why? What does He mean when He says that they may be in us?

Apply: When have you seen unity in action in the church? What resulted? What about disunity,
and what resulted? How do you display God’s glory? Join Jesus in prayer for unity.

Pray: Jesus, help me to make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of
peace so that my life is a living example of Christ who lives in me.


Day 2      Acts 4:23-31

Reflect: What do you learn from about the early church here? About prayer? About the Holy Sprit?
What exactly were they praying for and why? How is the church to respond to threats?

Apply: What do your prayers for Anderson Hills Church sound like? How would you describe the
works Jesus expects His church to do? How have experienced Holy Spirit power?

Pray: Lord, I pray that I remain in fellowship with You, by walking in spirit and truth, and to
offer my life as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to You.


Day 3      Nehemiah 8:1-6

Reflect: What is the Lord teaching you in this passage? What strikes you the most? Notice all who
were assembled. Why is that important? Why did the people want to hear God’s Word?

Apply: Describe your hunger and reverence for the Word of God. When has it brought you to
respond in worship? How has reading and hearing Scripture changed you?

Pray: Jesus, give me the desire and heart to long after You and Your Word and continue to
guide me on this journey to desiring You above all else.


Day 4      2 Timothy 1:1-14

Reflect: What do you learn about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit from this text? What lessons do
you learn from the way Paul lived his Christian life? What all do you learn about Timothy?

Apply: In what ways did God ordain the passing on of faith? Who was/is your Paul? Who are the
Timothy’s in your life? What has he chosen you to be in the Body of Christ (v. 11)?

Pray: Heavenly Father, thank You for the indwelling Spirit and the work He is carrying out in my
life. Continue to use me to share with others Your ongoing plan of redemption.


Day 5      Acts 14:21-28

Reflect: Describe the way the early church operated based on this text. What is the mission inside
the church? Outside the church? How often do you pray for the “elders” of the church?

Apply: How is God calling you to serve inside the church? Out in the world? Who has encouraged
you and how? Who would benefit now from your encouragement? Reach out to them!

Pray: Jesus, I give You thanks for all who have encouraged me in my walk with You. I ask for
courage to do the same with others in the same way.