The Spirit-Filled Life April 18-22

The Christian life is a blessing, but without an understanding of the ministry of the Holy Spirit, it can feel more like a burden. The secret to a blessed Christian life is being filled with the Holy Spirit. Having a Spirit-filled life is a command from God to obey, as well as a blessing to enjoy. Living life in the Spirit is also our obligation as Christians, because on our own we do not have the strength to do what God’s Word commands. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is not so much about you “getting more of the Holy Spirit,” but rather letting the Holy Spirit have more of you. It is not just a once-and-for-all experience, but a continuing experience. When you surrender to the Holy Spirit and invite Him to work in you, you will know more power, joy, faith, conviction of sin, and more profound love of God and others.

Day 1     Acts 1:4-8  

Reflect: How would Jesus describe the difference between being baptized by water and being baptized by the Holy Spirit? On what did Jesus want the disciples to focus and why?

Apply:   What is your experience with being filled with the Holy Spirit? How surrendered are you to His leading? How has He empowered you to speak about Jesus?

Pray:        Jesus, empower me with Your Holy Spirit as You open my understanding of Your fathomless love for me,  and help me witness Your love to others.

Day 2       Acts 2:1-4

Reflect: Why do you think God used the imagery of violent wind and flames of fire for the Holy Spirit? What is significant about the first supernatural power He gave to the disciples?

Apply:     When have you experienced the Holy Spirit igniting your faith? In what areas of your life do you want more of the Spirit’s power? What do you think is preventing His work?

Pray:        Empowering God, you gave the church the abiding presence of your Holy Spirit for our witness and service that the whole world may know Your love and grace. Fill me with truth and power to do Your work for Your glory.

Day 3     Ephesians 5:15-20

Reflect: Why did Paul compare being drunk on wine with being filled with the Spirit? According to this text, what does being Spirit-filled allow us to do? Why is this important?

Apply:     Think of a time when instead of wise, you were unwise or foolish. When have you acted thoughtlessly instead of following God’s will? When and how did you experience conviction?

Pray:        Jesus, give me wisdom to discern the best ways to use my time and my influence. Fill me with Your Spirit to willingly submit to Your leading and guidance.

Day 4       1 Corinthians 2:10-16

Reflect: How do these verses show us our desperate dependence on the Spirit? How does the Holy Spirit transform the way we hear, respond and proclaim the gospel?

Apply:     What spiritual truths has the Holy Spirit helped you grasp? If non-believers cannot understand the things of the Spirit, how can we talk to them about Christ? What does it mean to have the mind of Christ?

Pray:        Lord, develop my mind to be like Christ, to understand and to obey Your Word. Empower me to spread Your message that can touch, change and save lives in You.

Day 5     Galatians 5:13-26

Reflect: What would happen if the Galatians lived by the power of the Holy Spirit? Describe the conflict between the sinful nature and the Spirit.

Apply:     How do you see the Holy Spirit’s character growing in your life? What can you do to nurture it? Is there a part of your life that has yet to be surrendered to Him?

Pray:        Father, thank You that at the point of my salvation, I was made alive in the Spirit and became one with Christ Jesus. I want to live the rest of my life walking in spirit and truth

Put it into Practice

Week 1: The Spirit-Filled Life

  • Attend the Night of Repentance Service at the Salem Campus on Sunday, May 1 at 6:00 p.m.
  • Be bold in asking for and expecting more of the Holy Spirit in your life. Claim the promise in Luke 11:13— God is a good Gift Giver! Let God know you are thirsty— use Psalm 63:1 as your cry.