The King’s Proclamation April 8-12

Jesus’ ministry begins and is summarized in His proclamation, “The time promised by God has come at last! The Kingdom of God is near! Repent of your sins and believe the Good News!” The kingdom of God had come near in the person of the King. It is indeed Good News, and it calls for a personal response. Beginning with these words, Jesus signals that whatever else happens, however bad things may look, the result of His ministry will be good. Jesus’ definition of the kingdom of God was different than what people expected. The Kingdom of God is not a physical kingdom. It is a transformation of heart and mind, a way of believing and living in preparation for eternity. It is about His kingship and our obedience to His rule, now and forever. 


Day 1       Mark 1:14-20  

Reflect: Based on Jesus’ proclamation, how have you understood what the “Kingdom of God” refers to or means? How does the call and response of the fishermen speak to it? 

Apply:   How have you participated in the Kingdom of God? How do you show Jesus is your King? Have you ever shared the good news about Jesus with someone? What resulted?

Pray:    Jesus, let the way I live and follow You announce the Good News. How can I respond to Your call today?


Day 2      Mark 10:13-15 

Reflect: What do you learn about the Kingdom of God? What does it take for someone to come to God? What makes for a childlike faith in Jesus?  

Apply:   Would you describe your faith as childlike? Why or why not? Describe your level of trust in and obedience to the Lord. Are you believing and living out the Good News with joy? 

Pray:     Jesus, compel me to invest in children by playing, loving, and praying with them. May I not only invest in them, but watch and learn from them. As I grow older, may I not lose my childlike qualities. 


Day 3      Mark 12:28-34 

Reflect: What do you learn about the Kingdom of God? What truths did the teacher of the law share about the Kingdom?  Why did Jesus say he was not far from it? 

Apply:    Why is mere religious observance worthless? How does that play into an understanding of Good News? What can result from obedience out of obligation or duty instead of love?

Pray:       Jesus, help me to fully love You and others. Bring all of my energies, passions and desires to life in a way that glorifies You.


Day 4      Luke 17:20-21; Mark 9:1

Reflect: In verse 20, what do you think the Pharisees meant by their question to Jesus? What did Jesus mean in Mark 9:1?  How is the Kingdom of God a now-and-not-yet situation? 

Apply:    What misunderstandings have you, or others, had about the Kingdom of God? What can happen when a person lives with one foot in the world and one in the Kingdom? 

Pray:      Lord, align my heart with You so that it is fit for Your Kingdom. Remove any duplicity, dishonesty, and doubt so that I can serve you with an undivided heart.


Day 5      Matthew 6:9-13 

Reflect: What was Jesus teaching about the Kingdom of God through this prayer? About Father God? About our relationship with Him? In light of this, do you hear this prayer differently? 

Apply:   What would result if more of us lived with both feet planted in His Kingdom? How are you walking in God’s will, allowing Him to reign in your heart? 

Pray:     Jesus, today, somebody or something is going to gain the upper hand for the attention and affection of my heart. But, in glad obedience, I choose You to rule as the centering hope and the dominant power in my day. You be the boss of me!


Put It Into Practice!

God already speaks “good news” over your life! Consider all the ways that the story of your life bears the title, “good.” How does this truth help you deal with momentary pain or disappointment?