The King’s Power and Authority April 15-19

The question of Jesus’ identity dominates the first half of Mark’s Gospel. Jesus begins answering this question by revealing His authority and power. He has the authority to teach God’s Word, forgive sins, and call disciples. He has the power to drive out demons, heal diseases, and bring the dead back to life. The ultimate point of Jesus’ demonstrating His authority and power is for people to see who He really is, and through Him, to be reconciled with God.


Day 1       Mark 1:21-45 

Reflect: What is meant by “teaching with authority”? How do you think Jesus’ teaching was different than the other leaders? Why is it important that Jesus has authority and power? 

Apply:   What is significant about the two ways that the evil spirit refers to Jesus (verse 24)?  How have you witnessed and experienced Jesus’ authority and power? Have you shared it?  

Pray:     Lord Jesus, You specifically promise us the authority and power of Your name to overcome evil and draw people to You. Help our church to witness for You, in step with the Holy Spirit.


Day 2       Mark 3:7-12 

Reflect: What do you think was the ultimate purpose of Jesus displaying His power and authority? Why was is it important for people to witness His authority over evil spirits? Over sickness? 

Apply:   Why did Jesus tell people to keep silent about His works, and silence the evil spirits about who He was? Have you known of someone believing in Jesus after having been healed?

Pray:    Jesus, You are Almighty God, demonstrated by the authority and power of what You say and by what You do. As a true disciple, teach me to depend on Your presence, live by Your teaching and, obey Your Word.


Day 3       Mark 3:20-30 

Reflect: Why was the religious leaders’ belief about the source of Jesus’ power so damning?  What was Jesus teaching them, and us, through His illustrations (verses 23-27)?   

Apply:   How is Jesus, wrongly accused by family and others, both a word of comfort and warning for you? What is your understanding of verses 28-29? 

Pray:    Lord Jesus, open my eyes to see the signs of Your kingdom around me and to see You in unexpected places. I welcome You, even when You come in unfamiliar ways.


Day 4      Mark 11:27-33 

Reflect: Why did the leaders continue to question Jesus’ authority? What would it mean for them if they recognized His authority? How was Jesus’ question to them, their answer?

Apply:   Why is it so hard for some people to believe Jesus is who He says He is? How have you wrestled with Jesus’ authority over you? When have you usurped authority over His?   

Pray:     Jesus, forgive my foolish ways and my foolish pride. I don’t want my faith to become a matter of argument, but to draw me into relationship. I surrender again and again to Your lordship over my life.


Day 5       Jude 1:24-25

Reflect: How is Jesus’ power and authority implied in verse 24? What does His power and authority accomplish? What does verse 25 reveal about God?

Apply:   Is Jesus’ power and authority good news for your life? Why? What does it mean that God is able to keep you from stumbling or falling? Use this text in your prayers this week.

Pray:     Almighty God, I praise and worship You. Your glory is abundant; Your majesty abounds; and Your power is mighty. Guide me in Your truth, teach me Your ways and show me Your direction.


Put It Into Practice!

Jesus transferred His authority on earth to His church. Meditate on Ephesians 2:6 and 6:10, until you fully grasp the revelation that you are seated with Him and He works through you.