the god of power February 13-17

Some of the most potent gods within us are not as easy to spot and harder to point to. This is true of the gods of power and success. These gods, which subtly overtake us, almost always manifest themselves in the sin of pride. As we climb this ladder of power and success, we do not realize we are setting ourselves up for a higher fall. Also, these idols almost always demand sacrifices. Sometimes it is our character, sometimes our integrity, and sometimes our marriage, our children, and even our faith. We must remember that the power and success of man comes from God’s hand. God alone is all-powerful; He is in control. And when we surrender to Him in humility and tap into His power, everything changes for the good.


Day 1       Acts 9:1-22

Reflect: Why do you think Saul’s conversion was so dramatic? Under what kind of power was he operating before his conversion? After his conversion? How does God define success?

Apply:   If asked, what would be your list of “successes”? In what areas are you hungry for more power or success? What does God have to say about it?

Pray:     Jesus, show me my false perceptions of You. May I be careful not to exchange the truth of Your Word for what the world defines as success.


Day 2      Philippians 3:7-11       

Reflect: How would you summarize what Paul is saying? What all did Paul give up and what did he gain? Describe the changes in his character and motivations behind his works.

Apply:   Signs that the god of power has taken control include being defensive, prideful, ungrateful, discontent, busy. Which, if any, of these signs do you see in your own life?

Pray:     Father, may nothing ever eclipse my gratitude for Christ paying the price for my sins so that by believing on Him, I might be clothed in His righteousness forever.


Day 3      1 Chronicles 29:10-13 

Reflect: How would you describe David’s relationship with the Lord? What needs to change for you to truly proclaim these words and honor them with your actions?

Apply:   What are people really looking for in seeking power and success? Why is humility such a hard virtue to achieve? How does a right relationship with God help?

Pray:     God, I don’t want to walk by pride or self-sufficiency, I want to walk with You. It is only when my own worth is revealed by Your light that I can truly live in freedom and right standing, holding my own value correctly.


Day 4      Deuteronomy 8:10-18      

Reflect: What do you learn about God from Moses’ words? Describe the warnings he gives. When, in some manner, have you proclaimed the words in verse 17?

Apply:    Take time to recall all the people, things, and experiences—good and bad—that the Lord provided that testify to His love for you and His power for your benefit.

Pray:      God, deep down I know I don’t deserve all the good things You have poured into my life, yet sometimes I find myself thinking that I’ve earned them. Thank You for the gift of salvation in Christ and the many other undeserved gifts that You lavish on me.


Day 5       1 Corinthians 1:26-31 

Reflect: What is the core message of this passage? What is your main takeaway? What kinds of things do you think Paul meant in verse 28? How does this speak to the god of power?

Apply:   What would it take for you to consistently point from, “Look at what I’ve done!” to, “Look what God has done!”?  Make this a daily practice and notice the changes in you and in others. Humble yourself, turn from gods at war in you, and trust Jesus with your life.

Pray:      Lord, why have You chosen the weak, the foolish, the despised? You do this so that no human being can boast. We bow at Your feet. You alone are worthy!


Put It Into Practice!

Week 4: the god of power

We must remember that the power and success of man comes from God’s hand and not from our own. Dig into these questions to see if this god has a hold on you. Up to now, has your life been defined by achievement? How do you define your identity to others? To yourself? When do you most struggle with pride? How well do you handle criticism? What is your definition of success? What drives you to be successful? In what ways has God provided for you and equipped you to succeed in His purposes for your life?


Final Question: What are your thoughts and feelings about surrendering to God rather than pursuing things like pleasure, love, money or power and success? Are you willing? Why or why not?