Signs, Wonders and Miracles Oct. 30—Nov. 3

At the end of the Gospels, we find Peter forgiven and restored, but the evidence of his transformation becomes quite apparent in the Book of Acts through Peter’s preaching and practice. Starting at Pentecost, the Holy Spirit worked through Peter to do amazing things—doing things that he had only seen Jesus do and experience other signs and wonders. The early church witnesses Peter’s transformation and leans on his leadership. We also see a man who, while devoted to Jesus, was still clearly capable of making poor decisions. 


Day 1      Acts 2:1-4; 14-41

Reflect: What is significant about the way the Holy Spirit showed up? What all did Peter teach the people about Jesus? What key words did he recite, and how were people to respond? 

Apply:   When others look at you, can they tell you are filled with the Holy Spirit? How do you relate to what is told about Peter? (v. 40) 

Pray:     Holy Spirit, Peter spoke with complete confidence, and the truth of his message and challenge is still relevant today. Purify, unify and empower the church (and me!) to boldly spread the gospel of salvation to millions who are lost in our world.


Day 2      Acts 3:1-20; Acts 4:1-13  

Reflect: Where do you see the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in these texts? How did others observe it?  How do you now see Peter? How does this encourage you?   

Apply:   Peter took the opportunity to direct the people’s attention to God. In what ways can you apply this to those you come in contact with? What fears or concerns do you have?

Pray:    Father, thank You for the bold witness of Peter and the other disciples. Enable me to be continuously filled with Your power and grace for Your greater purposes and glory.


Day 3.     Acts 9:32-43 

Reflect: What is critical about what Peter tells Aeneas? Why do you think Peter sent the others out of Dorcas’ room (v. 40)? What happened as a result of the miraculous healings?

Apply:    How has the Holy Spirit used you to help transform someone’s life? What causes people, today, to develop faith in Jesus? Do signs, wonders, and miracles still happen? 

Pray:     Jesus, as I call on Your mighty name, give me faith and courage to believe that You still long to bless others today. Holy Spirit, fill me and move me to a more expectant faith. 


Day 4      Acts 11:4-18; Galatians 2:11-16 

Reflect: In Acts 11, how and what, was the Lord teaching Peter? In Galatians 2, why did Paul feel strongly about confronting Peter? What was the result of Peter’s actions? 

Apply:    When have you wrestled with thinking that someone was undeserving of God’s grace? How did you overcome it? When have you let the “fear of man” impact your choices? 

Pray:      Lord, by standing fast on the Word of truth, help me not to fear what man can say or do to me. Help me not only to speak the truth in love, but to also be prepared to challenge, in love, those whose conduct does not line up with Scripture. 


Day 5      Acts 12:1-19

Reflect: What is the main point of the passage? What do you think was going through Peter’s mind during all of this? Why did Luke often mention that Peter was heavily guarded? 

Apply:    How does this text minister to you? When has God stepped into your situation and delivered you? When have you prayed for God to intervene to help someone, and what happened?

Pray:      Father, give me a hunger to pray and to believe that You are able to answer my prayers. Also, may I not neglect to tell about answered prayer, but to openly praise You, because You hear me and You have done great things!


Put It Into Practice!

Week 6: Signs, Wonders & Miracles 

Pray for daily infilling of Holy Spirit power and wisdom, and to hear clearly how He wants to use you.