Men's Quarterly Rally


Many of us focus on winning at work. Then, with whatever time and energy is left, we give to our family and to ourselves. In the end, no one wins. Marriages suffer, kids are neglected, and you are not fulfilled. Learn how to win at both home and work.

-Cory Carlson, Leadership Coach


MEN'S 2nd Quarter Rally- Cory Carlson  

Featured Speaker


Wednesday, April 26 6:30 pm, Salem Campus

Guys, learn to win at work AND home! Cory Carlson spent 20 years in the corporate world and saw brokenness: work without purpose, burnout, lack of focus, strained marriages, and absentee parents. He is now a leadership coach helping other leaders win at work and at home. A light meal and beverages will be served. Each guy will get a signed copy of Cory's book  Win at Home First. Cost $10/person

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