God is Our Protector June 27—July 1

As the Israelites got closer to the sea, it must have looked bigger and deeper. Their eyes focused on the problem and they forgot about the bigness of their God. But God did not forget about them. He split the sea in two so that His people walked through on the dry ground. God never left them alone in their journey. As a pillar of cloud in the day and fire by night, He guided them. Even when the Israelites faced cruel attacks from the enemies surrounding them, God was faithful to protect and deliver them. Still today, God will send His angels to fight for us and guard us. He loves us and desires to set His protection over us. He will hem us in from all sides and keep us under His care. He just tells us to be still, to stand strong, and to know He’s fighting on our behalf.


Day 1      Exodus 13:20-14:14

Reflect: So far, in what ways have the Israelites seen God’s protection? After all that they have seen and experienced, how do you explain their response in verses 10-12?  

Apply:   What was the purpose of the pillar of cloud? Of fire? What do you think they signify? What is your understanding of verses 13 and 14? What does this look like in today’s world?

Pray:      God, when there seems to be nowhere to turn, help me to stand with You in quiet dependence. Remind me that Your grace is sufficient for every occasion and that You have promised never to leave me or forsake me.


Day 2      Exodus 17:8-16 

Reflect: Why did Israel only win the fight when Moses’ hands raised? What do you think the staff in Moses’ hands represents? What does this text teach about how God protects us?

Apply:   Describe ways you have seen the Lord provide protection, such as through His Word, people in your life, convictions, etc. What was God’s role and what was your role? For what do you need protection most often? What battle do you seem to fight most?

Pray:     Jehovah Nissi, I shout Your name as a banner over me. At the sight of our battle standard, the enemy panics, strongholds fall and demons flee. At the sound of Your name, the earth trembles and Heaven is moved. I worship You!


Day 3      Deuteronomy 20:1-4 

Reflect: What were the Israelite soldiers told not to do? How do you think they understood verse 4? What would you say was their biggest role in the battle?

Apply:   What are the advantages of knowing you are going into the battle? What kind of battles are you fighting now? What was your last unexpected battle? Who won? Why?

Pray:      Lord, You are my Defender. You go with me to fight against my enemies, giving me victory. Every battle I face belongs to You. I trust in You alone to see me through.   


Day 4      Isaiah 54:14-17

Reflect: From this passage, what do you learn about God? About His people? About His enemies? How would you explain the meaning of verse 17 to someone?

Apply:   In this text, what do you find most comforting and encouraging? Describe God’s protection—why do we have protection? How do we stand before our enemies?

Pray:     Father, thank You that I am secure in Christ and that every one of the enemy’s accusations will be condemned. Help me not to fear those who seek to harm. May I live in    the light of Your love and be a faithful witness of Your steadfast grace and strength.


Day 5     Psalm 44:1-8      

Reflect: Based on this psalm, how and why do we receive God’s protection and victory over our enemies?  How does verse 8 apply to protection?

Apply:   Why do you so often live as one who is defeated instead of victorious?  Personalize verse 4 and put it to memory! How would you rewrite verse 6 to apply to your life?

Pray:      Lord Jesus, in full confidence of Your love and power, lead me into this day with faith  over fear.



Put it into Practice

Week 2: God is Our Protector

Make a list of “battles,” big or small, you are facing. What is your role and God’s role in these battles? Find Scriptures to take to heart to help you to stand strong.