Bible Reading Plan

Our Bible Reading Plan is available to help you grow in the knowledge of God's Word. Our vision is to be an authentic community of faith that equips people with God's Word to go and share.

New Yoke for a New Year December 26-30

“Come to Me, take up My yoke” is a call for stressed and strained souls to find rest in God alone. Jesus calls us to become yoked with Him instead of all the other things we find ourselves burdened with in our daily lives. When two animals are yoked together, their combined strength pulls the…

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Altogether Christmas December 19-23

As Christians, we celebrate Jesus’ birth not because it was when He was created or came into existence, but because our Savior took human form to redeem us from our sins. It is a time when we rejoice in the truth that God loves us so much that He gave us the ultimate gift in…

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Altogether Joy December 12-16

At Christmas, we instinctively know the difference between an “almost joy” and an “altogether joy.” An “almost joy” is the happiness we find in decorations, sharing cookies, and unwrapping presents. But we all know that true joy is something that can blossom alongside frivolity and happiness, or it can flourish alongside sadness and even deep…

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Altogether Love December 5-9

The primary attribute of God’s character is love. He demonstrated his love for us by coming to this earth to give Himself for us. God loves us no matter who we are or what we have done. We are called to respond to God’s love by loving God with all our heart and by loving…

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Altogether Hope November 28—December 2

While “almost hope” reminds us that there are brighter days ahead, we still have to go through the darkness. Like Mary, many of us find ourselves dealing with unplanned events that can turn our lives upside down. Over two thousand years ago, a baby showed up and Jesus brought us hope for the future —…

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