Bible Reading Plan

Our Bible Reading Plan is available to help you grow in the knowledge of God's Word. Our vision is to be an authentic community of faith that equips people with God's Word to go and share.

the god of love January 30—February 3

This week we will look at an idol that may be the most deceptive of all—the god of love. Sometimes we allow our love for other people to be the central driving force in our life. God indeed calls us to love others, however, that love is supposed to flow from our love for God….

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the god of pleasure January 23-27

This week we are exploring the worship of a false god – the god of pleasure. In the past, some Christian traditions have taught that pleasure is wrong, but the Bible does not say this. God is not anti-pleasure, but God is against idolatry. Pleasure becomes a problem when it becomes an idol to us….

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We Pray for Awakening January 16-20

True spiritual awakening, or revival, is the manifest presence of God in our lives. Awakening comes when we go to God prayerfully, in repentance and total surrender to Jesus, making Him Lord of our lives. We are renewed in love for God and love for others through the power of the Holy Spirit. We pray…

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We Pray for Power January 9-13

The Scriptures are filled with powerful signs, wonders and miracles that occurred because of God’s power working in and through people. In the New Testament one main purpose of signs and wonders was to open doors to preach the gospel. These were a means to an end. Jesus didn’t come just to wow people with…

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We Pray for Protection January 2-6

There’s no denying that we’re engaged in spiritual battles every day and, as Christians, we often feel the effects of the enemy’s attacks. However, God will never leave us and we’re not fighting the battles alone. He has armed us with a number of spiritual weapons, and prayer is one of the most powerful weapons…

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