The King’s Reward June 17-21

A man, described as the “rich young man”, asked Jesus, “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus called him to sell his possessions and give to the poor so that he might have treasure in heaven and then to follow Him. Sadly, the man was unwilling to part with his riches to obtain eternal life and the rewards of following Jesus. You cannot grow as a disciple without paying a price. Peter testified that he and his comrades had given up much to commit to Jesus, and he asked Jesus, “What’s in it for us? What’s the payoff for our willingness to be committed disciples?” Jesus told them that all who make significant sacrifices for the sake of the gospel will be rewarded in this time and in the age to come.  


Day 1       Mark 9:38-41

Reflect: For you, what word or idea stands out in this passage? What three reasons does Jesus give for not stopping the man? To what kind of reward is Jesus referring?

Apply:   Why do you think John wanted the man to stop what he was doing? How do you typically relate to your rivals? How do you feel about their success? About them being rewarded? 

Pray:     Lord, You call me to be a stepping stone for others, not a stumbling block. Today, give me discernment to see and honor those around me– those who are reaching out to bless others, as well as those who desperately need Your grace.  


Day 2      Mark 10:17-31 

Reflect: What is Jesus trying to accomplish with this man? Where do you see and how would you describe the idea of rewards? What kinds of behaviors are rewarded? 

Apply:   How have you been tempted to wrongly rely on anything other than your faith and God’s grace for your salvation? What kinds of temporal rewards have you experienced?

Pray:     Jesus, anything I’m holding too tightly will be worth far more when I give it up to follow and serve You. You are my Reward!


Day 3      Luke 6:27-36

Reflect: Why is it so important to love everyone, including our enemies? How are people who do this described? Why? What kind of reward is Jesus referring to? 

Apply:   What is different about understanding right living as its own reward and right living for reward? What makes the kind of life Jesus describes so difficult? 

Pray:      Father, I know in my own strength, I can never love those who hate and despise me. In Your grace, align my will with Your perfect will for Your love to flow through me to others.


Day 4       Colossians 3:23-25 

Reflect: People ask, “Should we be motivated by rewards in heaven?” Based on this text, what would you say? When have you taken the instruction in verse 23 to heart?  

Apply:   Most often, from whom do you seek approval and/or to please? Why? Each of us will stand before God to give an account of our own lives. What does that truth stir in you?

Pray:     Lord, more than I want a good grade, a certain degree, a paycheck, the approval of others, or temporal success, I want to honor and please You. Help me to work heartily in doing whatever You ask me to do. 


Day 5      Revelation 22:12-21

Reflect: What invitation is given? What warning is given? How should this warning shape our attitude about God’s Word? What is the consequence of ignoring this warning? 

Apply:   Are you ready for Jesus’ to come again? If not, what do you need to be ready? To whom can you extend Jesus’ invitation to “Come,” to then enjoy Him forever? 

Pray:     Jesus, in agreement with Your Word, enable us to faithfully share the Gospel and  speak life into situations, our families and communities, that You may be glorified. 


Put It Into Practice!

Consider this statement: Our primary reward in this life is the ability to understand and experience God’s love. How would you explain this? What examples would you give? Do you need more reward than this? If this were the only reward, would you be motivated and satisfied? Why or why not?