Your Life as Bread August 1-5

Throughout Scripture, we discover that nothing is as common as it seems, not even bread. Bread fell from heaven as a sign of God’s provision; bread became a metaphor for the law of the Lord. Jesus fed the multitudes with loaves of bread, and referred to Himself as “the bread of life.” This week we will see that ordinary bread in the hands of Jesus becomes something more. The feeding of the 5,000 began with “not enough” and ended with being more than enough. This is what happens when Jesus takes something that we think is just ordinary—like bread—and blesses it, breaks it, and gives it. Your life, as common and ordinary as bread, in Jesus’ hands becomes something more. Your ordinary life can become full of purpose and filled with God’s glory. 


Day 1       Luke 9:10-17

Reflect:  What are the underlying messages in Jesus’ words (verse 13)? In this verse, why is the word “only” key in this story?  What do you learn about Jesus from this encounter? 

Apply:   When have you felt that your life was too ordinary to really matter in God’s Kingdom? In what ways has Jesus convinced you otherwise? What can you put in His hands? 

Pray:     Jesus, I know how inadequate I am to do anything apart from You. As I yield my inadequacy to You, use me and the resources You have entrusted to me in surprising ways to accomplish Your will.


Day 2      Deuteronomy 8:1-3

Reflect: Why did Moses remind the people of these encounters? What had to happen before the people could come to trust and obey God? How is God’s Word like bread?   

Apply:    How has God tested you? Humbled you? How has the Word of God fed you? What has God provided for you that you could not acquire on your own? 

Pray:      Father, make me hungry for the heavenly food of Your Word, that it may daily nourish me in the ways of eternal life, through Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life. 


Day 3      John 6:32-35 

Reflect: What is the significance of Jesus claiming to be the Bread of Life? What does it mean that those who go to Him do not hunger or thirst? 

Apply:    For you, what does it mean to claim Jesus as the Bread of Life? How does knowing Jesus as the Bread of Life help you to know His role in your life and to share Him with others?    

Pray:      Heavenly Father, thank You that in Your grace, You sent the Lord Jesus Christ to be living Bread for my soul and refreshment for my hungry heart. Establish my heart and strengthen me with Your Life, day by day. 


Day 4     John 15:5-8

Reflect: What do you learn about God? About our relationship with the Lord? What speaks loudest to you from Jesus’ words?

Apply:   When have you tried to do something in your own strength and failed? When have you been fruitful because you depended on the Lord? 

Pray:      Holy Spirit, teach me to live my life in total dependence on Christ living through me so that my life produces good fruit that honors You.


Day 5     1 Corinthians 3:5-9

Reflect: How does this text speak to placing our ordinary selves in Jesus’ hands? What are the results of doing so?  What was Paul’s main reason for writing this message?  

Apply:   How often do you give God the glory for things that happen through you? In what recent situations did you praise God for what someone did for you?

Pray:     Lord, let me be willing to sow, to plant, to water, to do the work that You have already prepared for me to do. Bless Your Church, that we will be humble, faithful and effective in leading generations into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.


Put It into Practice!

Week 1:  Consider all that you have been trying to do on your own power. Ask Jesus to show you what He can do with each situation, each person, the ministry in which you are involved, etc., if you relinquish it to Him. In prayer, hand them all over to Jesus and wait and see what He does.