You Can’t Do It All July 11-15

Upon hearing what God was doing through Moses, Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, decided to visit. During the visit, Jethro saw the inefficient way Moses was handling the people’s disputes and so he advised Moses of a better way. Jethro’s plan was simple—get help! Jethro’s advice was for the good of Moses and the people. There are several things we can learn from this encounter. First, you can do the right thing the wrong way. Second, we see that we need to be open to people’s advice and a fresh perspective. And third, the adage, “many hands make light work” is sound. Through this encounter we also learn about delegation, trusting others, and interdependence.  


Day 1      Exodus 18:1-27

Reflect: What things did Jethro do with Moses before he started assessing the situation? Why does this matter? Was it right for Jethro to give Moses advice? How did Moses respond?

Apply:   What principle do you learn about giving advice? Did Moses ask for it? When might it be appropriate to give advice and when might it be better not to?

Pray:      Lord, teach me to offer advice without judgment or condemnation. Fill me with humility to speak Your wisdom out of love, trust and compassion for others. Thank you for those who speak Your wisdom into my circumstances.


Day 2    Proverbs 19:20-21

Reflect: How do you see this proverb applying to Moses and Jethro? What was the Lord’s primary purpose for Moses’ role as judge? How did His purpose prevail through Jethro’s advice?

Apply:   Why is this proverb easier said than done? When has someone given you unsolicited advice? What happened? When have you experienced God’s plan trumping yours?

Pray:     God, I have so many plans and schemes, but I know if they are not from You, they will not succeed. Lead me to live by Your wisdom in the power supplied by Your Holy Spirit.                                                        


Day 3      Ecclesiastes 4:7-12 

Reflect: What do you think is at the heart of this message? What is the value of being in relationship? How would you describe the vanity of being alone?

Apply:   Why does God frown on our pride in being independent, self-sufficient, lone-ranger type of people? When have you felt pride in these things? How do you now view them?

Pray:     You have created me with the need for friendship. Give me wisdom to be a friend who blesses, encourages and supports those You bring into my life. May my friendships be a living testimony to Your goodness and grace.


Day 4      Titus 3:12-14

Reflect: We typically pass over Paul’s personal closing remarks, but found in them, is God’s wisdom. From these words, what do you learn about ministry and relationships?

Apply:   Based on verse 14, evaluate yourself. Can you claim these words to be true of you? To what are you currently devoted? How are you productively living in community?

Pray:      Holy Spirit, help me be sensitive to the good deeds to which You are calling me in my home and community. I am grateful for the everyday opportunities for Your grace and power to work through me!


Day 5     1 Peter 4:10-11      

Reflect: Jethro advised Moses to share his load and to empower others to serve in their giftedness. From Peter’s words, what do you learn about how we are to serve others?

Apply:   Have you ever felt you were serving beyond your capacity or ability? How have you witnessed others doing this? Why does this happen? What does God say about it?

Pray:      Father, I ask for opportunities to use the gifts and graces that have been given to me for the benefit of the body of Christ. Help me to cultivate and strengthen my gifts so that they can be of even more service for Your greater praise and glory.



Put it into Practice

Week 4: You Can’t Do It All

It has been said that we need three people in our lives: Someone who journeys with you, sharing their wisdom and godly advice; a friend with whom you can just be you; and someone in whom you are investing. Who are these people in your life? How have they helped you, steered you in the right direction, given you new insight? How can you help, advise, and encourage them this week?