Who Are You? January 31-February 4

As we spend more time seeking God through His Word and in prayer, we will come to better know Him and His character. Conversation with God leads to an encounter with God which leads us to know Him more and more. It is through prayer that we sense His presence, learn His character, and receive His joy, His love, His peace and confidence. And in that way, we are changed in attitude, behavior, and character. Our prayers are not to be focused solely on ourselves. We need to use prayer to come to know God intimately which will increase the desire to spend time with Him. This week we will focus on coming to know God as our joyful Provider, wise Counselor, gentle Healer, loving Friend, and most importantly, our Lord.

Day 1     Matthew 6:5-8

Reflect:   What do you learn from Jesus about prayer? How should truly knowing God impact how we pray? How does Jesus reveal the Father as our Provider?

Apply:   What happens when we go to other sources other than God for our needs? What do you need from Him now? Praise God in your prayer today for being your Provider.

Pray:      Father, You long to hear the prayers of a righteous heart.  Thank You that I do not ave to impress You for You to hear my prayers of simple faith.

Day 2     Proverbs 2:1-11 

Reflect:  How is God’s wisdom described? What are the benefits of seeking and walking in             wisdom from God?

Apply:    Do you tend to rely more on God’s wisdom or on your own? Is God the first person you       go to for wise counsel? Why/why not? Ask Him what wise word He has for you today.

Pray:       Lord, keep my heart attentive to Your wisdom that I may not be mesmerized by the foolish wisdom of the world, but resolutely seek You.

Day 3       Isaiah 61:1-3 

Reflect:   In what ways does this text reveal God as gentle Healer? What kind of healings are          described? Jesus claimed this passage as His mission. How did He live up to it?

Apply:     God wants you to experience healing and wholeness. How have you already known Him in this way? Ask God what He wants to heal in you now, then share what He does.

Pray:        Jesus, I give You the space to do those works of grace You long to do in me. May my life give testimony to the transforming power of even just a moment spent with You.

Day 4       John 15:13-15   

Reflect:  How does Jesus define friendship with Him? Why is it important to Jesus that we know Him in this way?

Apply:     How would you describe your friendship with Jesus? How does/could knowing Him as      Friend change how you talk and pray with Him? Ask Him how to grow this friendship.

Pray:        Jesus, I want to know You better.  I want to know You intimately and to be aligned with     You in every area of my life. I long for Your closeness in every moment.

Day 5       Philippians 2:9-11

Reflect:   How do these verses impact you? What stands out? Who will bow and acknowledge Jesus as Lord one day? What is significant about this?

Apply:     Are you able to say you know Jesus as Lord? What is your understanding of this? Respond to “Why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ but not do what I say?” (Luke 6:46)

Pray:        Jesus, be Lord over my every thought, word and action. May what I say and do come  out of love and obedience to You.