What is Your Decision? September 18-22

Malachi’s book closes with five areas where we are forced to make monumental decisions. (1) Will you render service to others? Malachi showed that service distinguishes the righteous from the wicked. (2) Will you revere God? God is not to be trifled with. He is a consuming fire, and we should tremble in His presence. (3) Will you remember God’s law? Obedience to God’s will brings the greatest fulfillment. Keeping God’s law doesn’t save Christians, but we can better appreciate and enjoy life by obeying Him. (4) Will you be ready for judgment? Malachi reminds us that the day is coming when we will be treated as either sinners or saints. (5) Will you be rewarded by God? There are no better rewards than those given by God, even though the enemy tries to convince us otherwise. 


Day 1       Malachi 3:13-16

Reflect: What was behind the words spoken in verses 14-15? When have you felt this way? What does verse 16 indicate? How does the company we keep affect our thoughts and words?

Apply:   We face daily choices regarding our walk with God. What helps you keep a positive outlook and strong faith in God? What keeps you serving God? Who needs to hear this?

Pray: God, You call servants not to negotiate, but to surrender and serve You with gladness. May my motivation be to Your glory, not to my selfish expectations.


Day 2      Joshua 24:14-16 

Reflect: What option is Joshua presenting and why was it necessary? Why is it either/or and not both/and? What are the benefits of fearing and serving God? (Reread Day 1 text.) 

Apply:   What practices, good or evil, have been passed down to you from previous generations? In what ways do you recognize your need to be surrounded by those who fear the Lord? 

Pray:      Father, with undivided loyalty, I desire to serve You with my whole heart. May my family and church serve You in humility, looking to Jesus.


Day 3      Malachi 3:17-18; 4:1-6

Reflect: Why does the Lord often speak of a coming day of judgment? What is promised for the faithful? What final reminders did Malachi give in chapter 4?  

Apply:   Would others describe you as a servant of God? Why or why not? What does it mean to be a servant? How does knowing that a judgment day is coming affect the way you live? 

Pray:       Father, thank You that faith in Jesus Christ prepares me for the Final Judgment. As a faithful servant, help me to grow in my love for You and for others all of my days.


Day 4      1 Corinthians 4:1-5 

Reflect: With what has Paul and Apollos been entrusted and in what ways will they be judged for it? Why are the motives behind what we do for God important?  

Apply:   What all has God entrusted you to do? Are you being faithful to that charge? What decisions and motives are involved in either doing them or not doing them?  

Pray:      Lord, like Paul, may I too be faithful in the work You have called me to do, bringing honor to Your name by the words I say and the life I live. 


Day 5       Psalm 19:7-14 

Reflect: What does this text say about God? About His Word? About serving Him? About our relationship with Him? How did David get to a place that enabled him to write these words? 

Apply:   Review the five questions from this week’s overview. How does this psalm speak to you about deciding to revere, serve and obey God? About judgment and reward from the Lord? 

Pray:    Jesus Christ, Your teaching has affected me deeply, yet there is never an end to what You say to me through Your Word. Daily, throughout my life, keep me alert to Your revelation and teaching so that I do not become mistakenly stuck in my ways.


Put It Into Practice!

Week 4: What is Your Decision?

Every decision we make, no matter how big or small, will show our level of faithfulness to God. This week, practice seeking God’s will in all of your decisions. Be aware of what is different by doing so.