What is Truth? August 14-18

We desperately need truth in our lives. Truth refers to the legal demands on humanity that God’s character requires and the absolute law He established in His Word. At some point in our lives, we all need someone as gracious as Jesus to tell us this truth—you are not okay. You do not need to push away those feelings of guilt that weigh you down. You are guilty. And anyone who tells you otherwise, is not telling you the truth. Truth, in the eyes of Jesus, is carrying out and abiding in God’s will in a consistent and obedient manner. In a world filled with false teaching and false teachers, we really need to know the truth, live out the truth, and teach the truth. We should be aware that the enemy wants us to choose the preferences of human beings over the truths of God. We must share the truth!


Day 1       John 8:31-36; John 14:6

Reflect: How does the absence of truth result in an absence of freedom with respect to your conscience, your self-esteem, and in your personal relationships? Paraphrase John 14:6.

Apply:   Many people believe in the truth of the Bible but still do not live in freedom. Why not? How can knowing and living the truth free us in matters like power, sex, or money?

Pray:     Thank You, God, for the healing and freedom I experience in Your truth.


Day 2       Psalm 119:159-168

Reflect: In this psalm, what other words are used for truth? How is truth described in verses 160 and 164? What can our relationship with truth be like? What are reasons to obey God’s truth?

Apply:   Rate yourself from 1 (terrible) to 10 (perfect) on knowing and living the truth. Why did you give yourself this rating? In this next week, resolve to take one step to improve your rating.

Pray:     Father, I come humbly before You to confess that I have not always acted truthfully. I resolve to change my ways with the help of Your Holy Spirit.


Day 3       John 16:12-14

Reflect:  How essential is the truth? How has truth guided you? To what sources of “truth” do unbelievers turn? What are the consequences of relying on alternative sources of truth?

Apply:   “Truth says I love you too much to let you stay that way.” Apply this statement to your life. What is truth saying you need to change? Choose a verse to memorize for help.

Pray:       God, search my heart and identify any areas where I need to learn and live the truth more fully. Teach me truth, Holy Spirit, and help me to model and share truth with others.


Day 4      John 8:44; 1 Timothy 4:1-6

Reflect: Describe the goal of the devil’s lies. How are we to discern his lies from God’s truth? Is commitment to biblical truth the same as legalism? Why or why not?

Apply:   What lies have you believed? Who is the most truthful person you know? Due to being truthful, what outcomes are reflected in his/her life?

Pray:      Father, I yearn for Your Word of truth to help me grow in grace and Christian maturity. As I follow Jesus’ example, transform me to reflect Him to everyone around me.


Day 5       1 Corinthians 2:10-16

Reflect: How do you see truth as an underlying current in the text? What are some ways we can encourage unbelievers to take a serious, open-minded look at the Bible and its truths?

Apply:   When is the last time you failed to tell the truth? How can you become more sensitive to the leading of the Spirit in discerning and speaking truth? Who has spoken hard truths to you?

Pray:      Father God, help me to do what is right in Your eyes, not mine. Help me not to grow “weary in doing good.” May I reflect Your truth in the way I live so others can see Your goodness, protection, and love.


 Put It Into Practice!

Ask God to reveal a place in your life where He loves you too much to let you continue in the same state. Pray daily for changes in this area. Commit to tell the truth this week, asking the Holy Spirit to give you the right words.