“You Get What You Deserve!” July 24-28

“What goes around comes around.” “Your past will come back to haunt you.” “You made your bed, now lie in it.” “It’s all karma.”
These are common messages we hear from people that all point to this one—”You get what you deserve.” Our culture has
always taught that if we work hard, we deserve to be rewarded. And if we mess up, we deserve to be punished. And this gets
transferred to the false belief about how God treats you—”God gives me what I deserve.” This false thinking often leads to
another companion lie—”God is mad at me.” Behind these lies is the idea that your relationship with God and His affection for
you is based on your behavior. But God is a God of mercy and grace, so we do not receive the just punishment we truly deserve
for our sins. Jesus took what we deserve.


Day 1      John 9:1-5
Reflect: Why would the disciples make their assumption about this man? What are the main messages behind Jesus’ reply?
What does this say about getting what you deserve?
Apply:   Why do you think the idea of getting what you deserve, like karma, so popular? What are the pros and cons of a “you
get what you deserve” mindset?
Pray:      Father, as the devil seeks to discredit Your grace, open my eyes to Your gracious work on my behalf. I draw near
to You for strength and wisdom to refute lies and take them captive to
the truth of Your Word.


Day 2      Romans 6:20-23
Reflect: How does this text communicate the meaning of mercy and grace? What is the difference between wages and gifts?
How does this apply to getting what you deserve?
Apply:    In what areas of life do you often feel guilty? Why? When have you felt God was mad at you? Why? How often do you
consider and give thanks to God for His gift of grace?
Pray:      Loving Father, I am a sinner and deserving of eternal death. But I believe that Jesus paid the price for my sins
through His death, and I accept Your free gift of salvation and eternal life in Him. Thank You for Your indescribable gift.


Day 3     Matthew 20:1-16
Reflect: Were the early workers angry about the landowner’s greed or his grace? How does this text speak to a sense of
fairness or a deserving attitude? What does it say about God?
Apply:    How often do you compare yourself with others? When have you felt God was unfair by not giving you what you
deserve? When have you been surprised by God's generosity?
Pray:      God, I can easily forget that You are always just and even generous when I fall into improper comparisons. Keep
me ever mindful of Your goodness and grace toward me.


Day 4     Psalm 103:8-14
Reflect: To whom does God not give what they deserve? In what ways can God’s mercy and grace transform us? What is the
relationship between fearing God and getting what you deserve?
Apply:    Describe a time when someone could have given you what you deserved, but they gave you grace instead. When have
you done this for someone? What resulted?

Pray:      Father, You have not given me what I deserve but, for the sake of Christ Jesus, You bestow Your goodness and
grace on me day by day. Thank You for Your faithfulness, mercy, love, and patient compassion. Help me display each of these
virtues more fully.


Day 5      2 Corinthians 5:16-21
Reflect: What does it mean to regard someone from a worldly point of view? How are Christians to regard people and why?
What is God’s role and our role in the ministry of reconciliation?
Apply:    Do you believe Jesus took God’s wrath that you deserve? How does your life show that you are reconciled? How can
you help someone who feels God is punishing them in some way?
Pray:      Father, thank You for reconciling the world back to Yourself through Your only begotten Son. Help me to be Your bold
witness, telling others about Your grace and salvation, so that they may be reconciled to You.


Put It Into Practice!
Week 4: “You Get What You Deserve!”
Spend time answering and talking to the Lord about these questions: What am I not getting from God that I feel I deserve? Which
part of my life and faith are still a failing attempt to repay Jesus? How would it look to live as a worshipful response to the
priceless grace I can never earn?