Unity in the Body May 29—June 2

An essential and constant characteristic of an authentic spiritual awakening is an exciting realization of unity—we are all one in Christ. Jesus’ last prayer to the Father ended with asking for His followers to be of one mind and heart, to live in complete unity so that the world would see and notice and be attracted to their unconditional love. The apostle Paul both convicted and encouraged the churches regarding the importance of living in harmony with each other. He declared that God’s people should be speaking with one voice in glorifying God. Christians bring honor to God’s name by pursuing unity in the power of the Holy Spirit who brings us together through faith in Christ. A unified body provides the proper kindling for stoking the fire of revival. 


Day 1       John 17:20-23 

Reflect: By Jesus praying to the Father about unity, what is indicated about its importance? What effect does Christian unity have on the watching world? What does verse 23 imply about unity?

Apply:   What are the benefits of unity in our church? What are the benefits of unity across all Christian churches? What would you say is the primary reason for disunity?

Pray:     Lord, You have made me one with believers in all places in all times. May we demonstrate unity so the world can see Jesus as Savior and Lord.


Day 2     Romans 15:4-6

Reflect: How does unity of mind and voice enhance how we give and receive encouragement, endurance, and patience?  How does it impact our praise and worship?  

Apply:   How would you describe what unity in the church looks like? Does not look like? How has God’s Word helped you to keep a unity mindset in the church?   

Pray:    Lord, teach us how to live together in unity. Guide our lives and strengthen us to represent Your Kingdom on earth. Holy Spirit, synchronize our hearts and unify our spirits to receive and submit to Your vision for our church. 


Day 3      1 Corinthians 1:10-17 

Reflect: What was causing the divisions in the church and why? What did division lead to and why was that harmful? How could this impact other churches?

Apply:   Why is unity in the church so hard? When have you either helped to overcome or participated in quarrelling or rivalries in the church? What resulted? 

Pray:      God, may I never be part of any division within the body of Christ, keeping my focus on what unites us rather than divides. Bless our church family with passion for the unity You desire.


Day 4      Ephesians 4:11-16

Reflect: When the church is operating the way Jesus intended, what results and why? What roles do spiritual gifts play in the church’s mission? In unity? Why is unity a sign of maturity?

Apply:   How would Jesus rate our church regarding spiritual maturity? Why? What signs support it? How would you describe your level of maturity? What signs support it? 

Pray:     Father, I pray for Anderson Hills Church. Help us grow, joined and held together by Your truth. Help us work together and function as one body. Make us grow in all submission to Christ Jesus and help us to build up one another in love to bring glory to Your name.


Day 5      Psalm 133:1-3

Reflect: What comes to mind when you think of the anointing oil? Why is unity like the anointing oil? What connection does eternal life have with unity? 

Apply:   What strikes you about David writing a psalm devoted to unity? What are ways that you could personally contribute to greater unity in our church? Ask God to empower you!

Pray:     Lord, may I learn to live together with all my brothers and sisters in Christ in godly love and unity to stand firm in the faith. By the power of the Holy Spirit, help me to be a person of unity.


Put It Into Practice!

Week 4: The unity of the church is vital for both our endurance and our witness. In Ephesians 4:2-3, Paul highlights five qualities that are necessary to maintain the church’s unity. Examine each of these characteristics to see how they operate in your life—humility, gentleness, patience, love, and zeal. Would others say you exhibit these qualities? Ask the Lord for specific actions for you to contribute to building unity in our church and in the greater Christian community.