The Spirit of Revival April 25-29

In the book of Acts, God brought revival through the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.  Power came upon the apostles and they came pouring out into the streets, speaking in other languages, with small visible flames of fire floating above their heads. It was an incredible miracle, and it was the start of a massive revival among Jewish people who would come to know that Jesus was the promised Messiah. Revival like this is needed now more than ever. The Church has become generally worldly and lukewarm in its love for Christ. Let’s join in repentance, which is a prerequisite to revival, and cry out to God to pour out the Holy Spirit to draw the Church back to a deeper relationship with Him. Let’s pray that He will re-energize us so thousands can come to know Jesus!

Day 1 Acts 2:36-41

Reflect: How do you define revival? How does this text reflect a spiritual revival? What needed to happen before revival broke out? How did the Holy Spirit use Peter in this revival?

Apply: When has the Holy Spirit pierced your heart through someone’s words? How have you experienced a personal spiritual revival? How have you helped revive another’s heart?

Pray: Jesus, it is only by Your Spirit of Truth that I can live in power and experience personal revival. We cry out for revival of hearts and of nations.

Day 2 2 Chronicles 7:11-22 

Reflect: What conditions show that a spiritual revival is needed? Verse 17 is often cited in regard to God bringing revival. What does the revival entail? What results from no revival?

Apply: How have you experienced spiritual backsliding and sluggishness? What caused it? Was it intentional? What was life like? What pulled you back?

Pray: Father, You know when I miss the mark. Thank You that when I confess, You wash me in Your forgiving love and mercy. Holy Spirit, work within me to bring about a glorious renewal!

Day 3 Acts 3:1-10

Reflect: What did Peter mean in verse 6 when he said, ”What I have I give you”? What does that have to do with revival? Now dig into what the man was expecting and what he received.

Apply: Where does the lame man immediately go after he is able to stand and walk? Why? Where would you go? How is Jesus healing a crippled area of your life?

Pray: Jesus, help me remember that focusing my attention on You and being clothed in the garment of praise means I will never be disappointed.

Day 4 Acts 3:11-26  

Reflect: What opportunity did this miracle provide for Peter? Where do you see revival language? Describe the connection between repentance and revival. Without repentance, can there be revival?

Apply: What miracle in your life, or someone else’s life, has given you an opportunity to share about who Jesus is and what it means to have Him in your life? (It’s not too late to share!)

Pray: Holy Spirit, open the understanding of all who are seeking the truth, but have not yet believed in Christ for salvation. Open my eyes to opportunities to share about Jesus so that others may come to faith in You.

Day 5 Acts 10:1-48

Reflect: From what did the Lord guide Peter to repent? Why was it important? When and how did the Holy Spirit stir revival? Who all was impacted by the power of the Holy Spirit?

Apply: When have you seen the Holy Spirit’s work impede in a person’s life or in the church? When have you seen Him work in an unexpected way? Is there something from which you need to repent that may be prohibiting Him from using you in His work?

Pray: Ask the Lord to search you. Repent of any unconfessed sin that has hindered the Gospel. Holy Spirit, fill me anew today to partner in Your work in my life and in the lives of others.

Put it into Practice

Week 2: The Spirit of Revival

Pray daily with humility, for both personal and church-wide repentance and revival. Read and declare the words in Acts 3:19.