The Spirit of Fellowship May 23-27

In Acts we read that one of the four things the early church devoted itself to was “fellowship.” Fellowship was a very important reason for them to meet together. They didn’t sporadically fellowship, they intentionally devoted themselves to it. The church’s fellowship is distinct from all other types of gatherings—it is created, sustained, and directed by the Holy Spirit. There are four aspects of biblical fellowship: relationship, partnership, companionship, and stewardship. These four attributes help us to encourage, serve, edify and build up one another. Christian fellowship through the Spirit leads to a healthy Christian life. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you experience fellowship in new ways. 


Day 1 Acts 2:42-47      

Reflect: Where were the believers meeting? Why is that significant? How could this kind of fellowship have played a part in many being saved? 

Apply:   To which of the four things in verse 42 do you find the easiest for you to be devoted in community? The hardest?  Why? How have you experienced this kind of fellowship?

Pray: Jesus, help us to be a church devoted to each other. Help me get to know and to forge relationships with others for mutual encouragement to keep growing in the faith.                                                                


Day 2 1 Corinthians 12:1-14    

Reflect: What is the source of and reason for gifts in the church? How do these gifts contribute to Christian fellowship, to unity in the body, and to growth of the church? 

Apply:   How have you benefited from another person’s spiritual gifts? When have you seen the body working at its best in this regard? How are you using your gifts? (Don’t know your gifts? Contact Pam Schwirtz, , to start the discovery process.)

Pray: Holy Spirit, use my gifts to compliment the work carried out by my brothers and sisters in Christ. May AHUMC be a testimony of the goodness and grace of Jesus our Lord to a lost and dying world. 


Day 3 Acts 6:2-7 

Reflect: How did this conflict affect the Apostles? How is this text an example of the “stewardship” aspect of fellowship? What would you say is the main message of this story?

Apply:   What lessons are there for us today? Have you ever stepped up to fill a role that allowed someone to remain fruitful? When have you seen conflict in the church end well?  

Pray: Lord Jesus, we want to live out our mission for You and Your kingdom. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, help each of us to use our spiritual gifts and abilities to remain true to Your calling to disciple others and to meet the needs of Your people. 


Day 4 Acts 9:36-43 

Reflect: How would you describe the fellowship of believers in this text? How would you describe Tabitha’s role in the church? How do the four aspects to fellowship play out here?

Apply:   Have you known people like Tabitha? Do you have a group of people around you like she did? If you left the church, what would people say and miss about you? Why? 

Pray: Jesus, like Tabitha, may our discipleship and love for You be exemplified by how we live, care for others, and use our resources.


Day 5 2 Corinthians 13:11-14      

Reflect: With what “take-away” actions does Paul close his letter? Why do you think he chose them?  In verse 14, what do you learn about the three persons of our one God? 

Apply:   In the church, how have you experienced what Paul describes? What can you do to promote these actions and attitudes? 

Pray: Father, the world is not impressed when they look at Christians and see us behaving just like everyone else.  May our church be known as one in whom Jesus Christ lives.


Put it into Practice

The more you listen to and obey the Holy Spirit’s voice, the more you will hear from Him. 

  • This week adopt the “10-second rule” in which you respond to what you hear the Holy Spirit say in 10 seconds— or less! Fellowship provides us with strength and gives us the chance to learn and grow together in faith.
  • Choose one way to pursue fellowship with others in the church. Consider joining a ministry team in which your gifts can be utilized, connecting with a small group or band for Christian companionship, or consider asking someone to mentor you in your faith walk.