The Spirit of Adoption May 9-13

The apostle Paul taught us that there are two different mindsets that we can have in our approach to God—we can approach Him as slaves in bondage or as adopted children. The Bible presents a high view of adoption and uses it to parallel the relationship God wants to have with us. The spirit of slavery views God as a slave owner and we are His trembling subjects. The spirit of adoption views God as a loving Father and we are His beloved sons and daughters. There is a vast difference between these two ways of thinking. Slaves may perform duties, but sons act out of love. Slaves dutifully obey, but sons gladly obey. Slaves ask, “What is required?” Sons ask, “What else can I do for you?” The Spirit of adoption changes us from fearful slaves to joyful sons and daughters.

Day 1 Romans 8:14-17

Reflect: What things give evidence that we are God’s adopted children? How does the Holy Spirit fulfill His role? What do we inherit as heirs of God? 

Apply:   What is your favorite thing about being a child of God? When have you felt more like a slave than an heir?  How has the Holy Spirit reminded you that you are God’s child?

Pray: Father, radical holiness, fearless freedom, familial prayerfulness and the hope of glory are characteristics of Your children. Thank You for Your indwelling Spirit who witnesses and assures us that we are Your children and Your heirs.

Day 2 Romans 8:22-30      

Reflect: What is the meaning and purpose of the groanings described? What promises in this text can you claim as an adopted child? 

Apply:   What stood out most to you in this text? What was most helpful or meaningful? When have you claimed verse 28 for yourself or for someone else? What does it mean to you?

Pray: Father, I struggle to trust You with the broken pieces of my life. Thank You for using my trials for my good and Your glory to make me more like Jesus.

Day 3 Galatians 4:1-7     

Reflect: In verse 3, what are the elementary principles of the world that enslave people? What are some of the challenges and joys that come with both freedom and responsibility? 

Apply:   What new insight do you gain from this text? How often do you address God as “Abba, Father”? Who do you know that needs to be reminded of their true standing with God?

Pray: Abba, Father, thank You for choosing us to be part of Your family through adoption. No matter what challenges I face, You are with me, encouraging, guiding, protecting and cheering us on with Your love.

Day 4 Hebrews 2:10-13 

Reflect: How does verse 10 speak to the chief end of humankind? What do you see Christ doing for us? What does this mean to you? What does it mean to know Him as a brother?

Apply:   Hear this—Jesus is not ashamed of you. How do you receive this truth? Why? Through what false lenses may you be looking at yourself and your relationship with God?   

Pray: Jesus the Son, I am in awe of You, the perfect human who restored our fractured glory by taking the destructive way of the Cross and making it the way that brings life and freedom as members of Your family.

Day 5 Luke 15:11-24

Reflect: How do you see God revealing the kind of relationship He wants and does not want with us? What does verse 12 reveal about God and about us? What about verse 20? 

Apply:   After this, what do you imagine the relationship was like between the father and theyounger son? How might Jesus want this parable to renew your relationship with Father God?

Pray: Heavenly Father, there is nothing that commends me to You, and I have done many things that are unworthy of Your name. Yet, in Christ I have been declared righteous and accepted. Thank You for Your love and grace.


Put it into Practice

Ask the Lord what needs to change in you or your relationship with Him for you to fully embrace your position as His beloved child. Are you holding on to unworthiness? Do you feel you have to work for His love and approval? Are you clinging to the law more than God’s grace? Is there a spirit of rejection hindering your relationship with Father God? Ask God to reveal lies and His truth.