The Scars of Jesus April 10-14

After His resurrection, Jesus showed his scars to His disciples as evidence that it was truly Him. Initially, scars seem like a surprising feature of Jesus’ perfected risen body; scars seem like a defect. But God did not choose to remove the scars from his Son’s eternal glorified flesh—the scars were God’s idea to begin with. For Thomas, the scars were a tangible way of truly knowing who Jesus is—our Savior who gave His life for us. But His scars tell us even more. Jesus’ scars reveal that He knows our pain and they show us His deep love. When we see the scars on His hands, we are reminded of the price He paid for our freedom from sin and death. 


Day 1       Luke 24:36-48 

Reflect: Why did Jesus still have scars? What did the disciples need and why? Why did the Messiah have to suffer? Why couldn’t His death have been quicker and less painful?  

Apply:   When have you had an “it’s too good to be true” kind of experience with Jesus (verse 41)? How has Jesus revealed Himself to you in a meaningful way? What resulted?

Pray:      Pray, asking Jesus to reveal Himself to you to know Him in a unique and more personal way.


Day 2      John 20:24-29  

Reflect: Was it wrong for Thomas to insist on seeing Jesus before believing He was alive?  What did Jesus think about it? When does needing proof to believe become a problem? 

Apply:   With what kind of doubts about Jesus have you struggled?  When you meet in prayer with Jesus, how would envisioning Jesus’ scarred hands change your perspective?

Pray:      Lord, help me to not rely on senses or emotions to inform me of Your love and grace, but to trust the truth of Your Word. Strengthen my faith and send me as a messenger to proclaim You as my Savior and my God.


Day 3      Isaiah 53:1-6 

Reflect: During His earthly life, how was Jesus a man of suffering? Notice the verbs used to describe His suffering. What follows the word our in verses 4-6? What does this say to you? 

Apply:   How do you see yourself included in verse 6? What all have you received from Jesus because of His wounds? How has His love impacted your life and your relationships? 

Pray:     God, I stand in awe that out of love for me, You gave Your only begotten Son, Jesus, smitten of God and afflicted. I praise You that His finished work was sufficient for my redemption and forgiveness.


Day 4     1 Corinthians 15:51-58 

Reflect: Based on this text, what does God want us to know and why? What verse speaks loudest to you? Why? How are we to balance the temporal with the eternal? 

Apply:   How does Christ’s resurrection and the hope of your own bodily transformation affect your priorities? How would you describe your view of death? Would Jesus agree?

Pray:     Father, thank You for the truth of the Resurrection and that this mortal body will put on immortality at Your appointed time. Enable me to be productive during my time on earth to carry out Your work and Your will knowing that, in Christ, my labor is not fruitless.


Day 5      Revelation 5:6-10

Reflect: How does this text describe Jesus and the importance of His mission? What does it say about Christians? Why do you think John calls verses 9-10 a “new” song?

Apply:   What new insights do you gain from this text? When you picture the throne room, how do you see Jesus? How worthy do you feel of the price Jesus paid for you? Why?

Pray:      Lord, what magnificent plans You have purposed to bring all things to completion. May I never forget all the things You have done, the things You are doing, and the things You’ve purposed in the days ahead. You alone are worthy of all praise, honor, and glory.


Put It Into Practice!

 Week 1: The Scars of Jesus

Picturing Jesus’ scarred hands in your mind can be very powerful. This week, in your prayer time, imagine Jesus greeting you each day by holding out His hands as you come closer to Him. What words or truths come to mind as you see the scars on them? Ask Him what He wants you to know about Him, what He wants to say to you or do for you, what He wants to show you. Does He want to give you His hand to guide you? Does He place His hand over your heart? On your head? Does He simply want to hold your hand in His? Take time lingering in His presence and let Him reveal Himself to you in new ways.