The Scars of a Schemer April 24-28

Jacob’s name means deceiver or schemer, and we see that his name rang true by the choices he made. But God, the Redeemer, interceded through a wrestling match and showed Jacob a whole new way to live, under God’s blessing. At the end of the match, God not only gave Jacob a new name, He also gave him a visible sign of who Jacob now was and how he would live—God wrenched Jacob’s hip out of place. Jacob would now walk with a limp to remind him that he no longer walked in arrogance apart from God, but must walk in humility before God. The injury was a visible reminder to all that Jacob was a man who finally submitted to God. 


Day 1      Genesis 32:24-31  

Reflect: In his match with God, with what was Jacob wrestling? Fear, guilt, anger, trust…? Why was it necessary for his hip to be wrenched? What did his limp create for him going forward? 

Apply:   When have you wrestled with God? When has God wrestled with you? What resulted? What is the evidence of God blessing you through it? Is there more wrestling to be done? 

Pray:     God, You call me to wrestle in prayer as an invitation to receive Your blessing. Help me to wrestle with fractured relationships, family differences, unreconciled situations and to unclench and open my hands to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. 


Day 2     Hebrews 11:17-21  

Reflect: How can Abraham’s testing be seen as a wrestling match? How is it similar and different than Jacob’s? How do you see hints of the results of Jacob’s wrestling in this passage? 

Apply:   What kinds of blessings did these men pass on? How can overcoming your sin and weaknesses be a blessing to others? How have you already blessed others in this way? 

Pray:      Lord, faith is a gift from You shared amongst believers from days past until the end of all days. May true faith be my response to You as God, sustaining me day by day and giving me vision to see the Holy amidst the ordinary.


Day 3      2 Corinthians 12:6-10  

Reflect: What does this text say about God? About us? About our relationship with God? How does Paul’s situation compare with the story of Jacob?      

Apply:   What do you tend to boast about most often? How have you boasted of God? How has God shown you that your weaknesses are really paths for you to become strong in Him? 

Pray:     Jesus, since Your power is made perfect in my own weakness, I will boast in my inabilities so that Your great ability may be manifest in my life. Let all I do be to Your glory.


Day 4      Deuteronomy 8:2-3  

Reflect: What is always behind the testing and humbling of God? How do trust, humility and obedience work together in God’s eyes?   

Apply:   How is God currently testing or humbling you? How trusting of God are you? Why? When has your trust and obedience in God been seen by others? What resulted?

Pray:     Lord my God, give me a heart that chooses to look at trials and tests from Your perspective—to sharpen my faith, while trusting You to bring forth righteous fruit.


Day 5      Jeremiah 9:23-24  

Reflect: What is the main thing God wants from us? Why? Describe what delights the Lord and why. What speaks loudest and what is God saying to you?

Apply:   How well do you know the Lord? What evidence in your life supports your answer? What can you boast about the Lord for someone to better know Him? Be brave and do it. 

Pray:    Father, deliver me from boasting in the things that the world constantly tempts me or I am so often prone to boast in. Help me to seek You, to understand and know You. May my life delight You and bring You joy.


Put It Into Practice!

Week 3:  The Scars of a Schemer

God wants you to bring everything to Him, your struggles, your fears, your anger, your doubts. Is there something you need to wrestle with Him about this week? Or have you already been changed because of a wrestling match? Jacob received a new identity and permanent reminder of it— his limp. What has God given you as a reminder of His love and care, and His new way to live in and for Him? These experiences provide powerful ways for you to share your testimony to His goodness with others. Ask Him who needs to hear your story and be obedient to share it.