The Roof Gets Wrecked January 1-5  

A paralyzed man who could potentially be healed is carried by a few persistent friends to a packed house where Jesus is teaching. They did not see how they could get him to Jesus. Full of desperation, working together, and with love for the paralyzed man, these friends break through the roof of the home in which Jesus is teaching and lower him down into the presence of the now famous Healer. They allowed love and obedience and sacrifice to move through them to do whatever it took to get this man to Jesus. Jesus is emotionally moved by their faith and heals the man, not just physically, but also spiritually, by forgiving his sins. Wreck-the-Roof means that we are going to value risky innovation, doing whatever it takes to get one person to Jesus. 


 Day 1     Luke 5:17-26

Reflect: What did Jesus do for the man on the mat and why? How do you think the four friends viewed this event? The Pharisees and religious leaders? The man on the mat? The homeowner? Why would those inside the home be unwilling to make room?

Apply:   Whom have you brought “on a mat,” or whom do you know who needs to come to Jesus? What remarkable things have you seen Jesus do? (Verse 26) What things would you still like to see Him do? 

Pray:     Jesus, help me to act with compassion and genuine care toward those around me in need of Your grace and forgiveness. Please give me spiritual vision to see what needs to be done until they receive what only You can provide.


Day 2      Matthew 4:23-25 

Reflect: Describe Jesus’ ministry. Notice how the people who needed Jesus came to Him. What does that mean to you? What happened after they encountered Jesus?  

Apply:    Consider how Jesus was fulfilling His mission and what He wants you to learn. How would you describe the good news about the kingdom to someone?

Pray:      Father, help me be wise in the way that I present your Good News and care for others’ needs by Your power and according to Your will.


Day 3       1 Corinthians 9:19-23 

Reflect: How does Paul participate in a Wreck-the-Roof outlook? What do you think it means to be a slave to all people? What does verse 23 mean to you? 

Apply:    When have you found, or how could you find, common ground with someone to better share what Jesus offers? What would it take for you to live this way?

Pray:     Father, I pray that You would give me opportunities to share the good news of Christ to people in my corner of the world. Help me to gladly do whatever is needed for the sake of the Good News so that some may be saved. 


Day 4      2 Corinthians 5:16-21 

Reflect: What would be different if we stopped evaluating others from a human point of view? Consider what it means to be an ambassador for Christ. What does this mean to you?

Apply: How would you describe to someone what it means to be made right, or reconciled, with God? In what ways has Jesus changed your relationship with God and with others?  

Pray:    Father, in this fallen world, may I develop a godly perspective in all things. Use me to share the good news of Christ as an ambassador to a lost and hurting world.



Day 5       1 Peter 3:13–15

Reflect: What does Paul mean by his question in verse 13? How does this apply to our call to bring people to Jesus? How are Paul’s words an important factor in this endeavor? 

Apply:    How have you experienced greater hope since following Christ? What is risky about following Him? What is preventing you from embracing a Wreck-the-Roof kind of life? 

Pray:     Father, I know that, as a Christian in this world, I will have tribulation and troubles; would I not be fearful but trust in You.


Put It Into Practice!

Week 1: The Roof Gets Wrecked

Begin to pray very specifically for the needs of those you know who need to be taken to Jesus. Ask the Lord to reveal what obstacles are in the way and how you can be used to help remove them.