The King’s Provision May 13-17

The feeding of five thousand is important for understanding who Jesus is, what people need, and the essence of discipleship. The crowd elicits compassion from Jesus, “They are like sheep without a shepherd.” Jesus challenges the disciples by saying, “You give them something to eat.” It’s as though He wants His power to work through them. Jesus multiplies their bread; He uses their hands to feed the crowd; He provides more than enough for everyone. Discipleship is about serving Jesus’ people with the sustenance Jesus supplies. We are called to give to God from what God has provided for us—our money, possessions, time, and abilities. 


Day 1       Mark 6:30-44 

Reflect: What did the disciples want Jesus to do about the crowd? Why did He respond the way He did? What is significant about His question? What does verse 42 say about God’s provision? 

Apply:   How has Jesus, your Shepherd, provided for you? Has Jesus ever asked you to care for someone whose needs surpass your abilities? What did you do?

Pray:     Jesus, like the disciples, I see the problem. But You want me to see the people. When I face challenges, You’re the starting point, not a last-ditch effort.  


Day 2      Mark 8:1-21 

Reflect: What are some of the similarities and differences between the two feedings? What do you make of the questions Jesus asked in verses 17-21? Why did He focus on the leftovers? 

Apply:   What’s the connection between the disciples’ lack of belief and their understanding and remembering? How do you go about remembering who Jesus is and what He has done? 

Pray:     Father, forgive me when I let the clamor for certainty leaven the clarity of my faith. You say to build my faith on counting the cost rather than endlessly seeking more data. What would a practical step of real faith look like in my life today?


Day 3      Acts 4:32-37

Reflect: What encouraged the people’s generosity? If you had to list all the things that God would have us “provide” for others in His name, what would be on it?

Apply:   Is it easy or difficult for you to let go of possessions? Why? When has God used you to meet someone’s needs? What resulted? 

Pray:    God, awaken us to the presence and power of Jesus at work in us through the Holy Spirit . Help us to see each other’s needs and respond with active compassion, concern, and care. 


Day 4      2 Corinthians 9:6-15 

Reflect: In this text, what speaks loudest to you? Why? When have you received a gift of God’s provision and praised God? Right now, is there something you are lacking from the Lord?    

Apply:   How have you personally experienced the results of sowing and reaping? When have you seen God increase your resources because of your generosity? Is there more you can do?

Pray:    Lord, help me to recognize and respond to the needs and necessities of others with a generous and compassionate heart. May You be seen and glorified through me. 


Day 5      Philippians 2:3-5 

Reflect: What would you say causes selfishness? What do you think attracts more people—accumulated wealth and/or achieved status, or a humble generous heart? Why?  

Apply:   How have you overcome selfishness in the past? What has helped you have a generous Christ-like attitude? Ask Jesus to reveal what may hinder this attitude.

Pray:     Lord, forgive me for the times when I have fallen short and been selfish or prideful. I need Your grace and strength to live a life that honors You and reflects the love and humility of Christ. I want to live to bring glory to Your name and reflect the love of Christ to others. 


Put It Into Practice!

God is the most generous Being there is; He is Provider God. Talk to the Lord about something He has provided for you that He wants you to share with others. Notice what happens when you do.