The King’s Preparation April 1-5

With God, every significant event is preceded by a time of intense preparation. Mark tells us that God sent John the Baptizer to “prepare the way of the Lord.” John proclaimed the need for spiritual cleansing in preparation for the Messiah and His kingdom. Jesus, Himself, is prepared for ministry through baptism and temptation, orienting Himself, and the reader, to two great realities—a Father who elects and loves, and an enemy who hates and destroys.  We need to allow the Holy Spirit to prepare our hearts so God can work through us to serve Him.


Day 1      Mark 1:1-8

Reflect: How did John prepare the people for Jesus’ coming? How did this help them to receive the Messiah? How did John distinguish his mission from Messiah’s? 

Apply:   Where does the preparation for God’s coming take place? How do you prepare to meet with God? Prepare for worship? Why is preparing your heart important? 

Pray:     Jesus, prepare me to do my part so that Your Gospel may be proclaimed throughout the world for Your glory!


Day 2      Mark 1:9-11

Reflect: Why do you think Jesus was baptized? How did baptism prepare Jesus for His mission? What is the significance of baptism for a Christ follower?  Do you remember your baptism?

Apply:   When have you experienced the Holy Spirit prepare and empower you for ministry?  How does the truth that God chose you and loves you impact your life?

Pray:     Jesus, in humility and obedience, You came to identify with sinners. By faith in You, I’m forgiven of my sins and clothed in Your righteousness. Help me to understand and apply all that You teach me.


Day 3      Mark 1:12-13; Matthew 4:1-11

Reflect: What is significant about how Jesus went into the wilderness? Why would this experience be considered His preparation? What did Jesus gain or learn from this? 

Apply:   What most impacts you about Jesus’ temptation? Jesus has a Father who loves Him, but also an enemy who hates Him. In your daily life, how are you aware of these truths?

Pray:    Jesus, in view of Your earthly example, strengthen me to resist the temptation to act independently of You. Help me to depend on You and to believe Your promise that I am never alone.


Day 4      Ephesians 6:10-18

Reflect: In your own words, describe the ways to be prepared for the enemy’s attack. What do you think is the most important piece of armor? Why? What do you use most?   

Apply:   How are you standing firm in the battle against evil? When have you found yourself unprepared for an enemy attack? What resulted and what did you learn? 

Pray:     Lord, keeping my eyes on You, help me prepare for the battles I may face. Help me stand strong, not living in fear of the enemy.


Day 5      Isaiah 62:10-12

Reflect: How does this text speak to being prepared? Is it intended for today, the future, or both? What comes to mind based on the descriptions of the people?

Apply:    How might you prepare your heart for God to show up in your life and to work through you? What circumstance in your life today, calls for preparing and persevering in prayer?

Pray:      Lord, I want my heart to be ready to receive more from You. In Your presence, show me how to faithfully and prayerfully clear the way for You to reveal Your glory.


Put It Into Practice!

Week 1     The King’s Preparation April 1-5 

We all need to prepare our hearts to align and agree with God. Ask Jesus about your heart, and allow Him to deal with any areas that are not currently aligned with His plan and purpose.