The King’s Opposition April 29-May 3

Mark recounts opposition to Jesus ranging from unbelief, to plots, to destroy and kill Him. This comes not only from Herod’s camp and religious elites, but also from Jesus’ own people. Jesus returned to His hometown of Nazareth and taught in the synagogue. Given His reputation, one would expect Him to receive a hero’s welcome. But even though He astonished the townspeople, they were also offended by him. Opposition to Jesus is also a relevant theme for disciples through the ages. Christians should expect hardships, while also knowing that our lives are in God’s hands. We can rest in His sovereign plan. 


Day 1       Mark 6:1-6

Reflect: What is the key reason for the people’s opposition of Jesus? Is there anything Jesus could have done about it?  What did their offense of Him cause?  

Apply:   Define the expression, “familiarity breeds contempt”.  When have you encountered it? What about, “revelation feeds faith”? When and how was Christ revealed to you?

Pray:     Father, keep me from building up incorrect biases or developing legalistic attitudes. Help me to stand firm on the truth of the gospel and be ready and willing to hear all that the Spirit has to teach me. 


Day 2      Mark 6:7-13

Reflect: Describe the mission Jesus gave the disciples. Why did He tell them to take nothing on their journey? What was the key content of their message? What is your understanding of verse 11?  

Apply:   When have you experienced rejection or opposition because of your faith in Jesus?  Did it surprise you? If you have not experienced opposition, what might be the reason?

Pray:     Lord, the world’s greatest need is to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Whatever rejection or opposition I face, I trust You to equip me and empower me to share the gospel.


Day 3      Mark 10:32-34

Reflect: What caused the feelings of the disciples? The crowds? (Verse 32) In relation to these people, where is Jesus? Why is this significant to record?  

Apply:    How confident are you to walk into a potentially difficult or threatening situation? Why do you think Jesus said, “Son of Man,” and “He/Him,” instead of “I/ Me”?  (Verses 33-34)  

Pray:     Jesus, thank You for Your boldness and courage in going to the cross. Strengthen our faith and help us boldly reach our community with the gospel. 


Day 4      Luke 4:23-30 

Reflect: If Jesus had performed miracles in their midst, why would these people have been unmoved by it? Why did Jesus’ examples so incite the crowd? (Verses 25-27) 

Apply:    How difficult do you think it was for Jesus, who came to rescue His people, to experience opposition? What encouraging words would you offer to a new believer facing opposition?  

Pray:     Lord, use Your people to be Your tools of grace, to declare Your grace and favor, to break down barriers in our divided world.


Day 5       John 7:1-9

Reflect: What was behind Jesus’ brothers’ directive to go to the festival? What does Jesus say is behind the opposition He is experiencing? How have you understood the right timing?

Apply:    When have you been opposed to or offended by something Jesus said? What resulted? When have you confronted someone regarding evil/sinful behavior? What happened? 

Pray:      Holy Spirit, give me wisdom to demonstrate Your love with compassion, while standing for Your truth and righteousness. Strengthen me to stand faithfully, no matter how great the opposition or how close to home that opposition might be.


Put It Into Practice!

Christ freed us to respond to those who oppose us with grace and love without fear. Instead of seeking power or to win the argument with those who disagree with you, choose actions that show the light of Christ to those around you. Determine what this means for you personally.