The Call of Simon the Fisherman September 25-29

Simon made his living netting fish in Lake Galilee to sell in the market where he lived. When his brother Andrew introduced him to Jesus, Jesus gave Simon a significant nickname. It’s the one by which we know him today, the “Rock,” promising stability and strength. Jesus later climbed into Peter’s fishing boat to preach. Afterward, He told Peter to set out his nets, which Peter reluctantly, but obediently did. When deciding to fish that day, Peter had no idea what hung in the balance of his decision to go fishing with Jesus. The moment Peter’s simple act of faith intersected with Jesus’ faithfulness, everything changed. Just as Jesus reveals and represents God, Simon Peter represents all who seek to follow Jesus.


Day 1       John 1:35-42

Reflect: Where would Peter be without his brother? Who is your “Andrew”? Have you been an “Andrew”? What are reasons why Jesus may have given Peter the nickname “rock”? 

Apply:   Jesus asked the two men who were following Him what they wanted. Answer these questions: What are you seeking? Why are you following? What are your expectations?

Pray:    Jesus, I long to know You more fully and to respond to Your invitation to “come” to You for all my needs. Use me to point others to You.


Day 2      Matthew 4:18-22

Reflect: How would you describe what Jesus said in verse 19? What is important about His choice of words—come, follow, I will…? Have you ever used these words with someone?  

Apply:   Is there something new that Jesus may be inviting you to do with Him? What do you think about the words describing the men’s response to Jesus—at once, immediately?     

Pray:     Jesus, show me what I need to leave behind to be Your disciple. Do not let me fall behind and lose sight of You. Keep me close.


Day 3     Luke 5:1-11

Reflect: What insights did you get from this text? Any convictions? Where do you see yourself? What excuses do we offer when we are reluctant to say yes to Jesus’ call? 

Apply:   When have you chosen to trust God even though doing so didn’t seem to make sense at the time? What happened? Have you ever been afraid that God separates Himself from you because of your sin? Why? 

Pray:     Father, help me correctly evaluate myself in light of Jesus’ glory, grace, and character. Thank You for Your forgiveness and unfailing love. Equip me for Your service. 


Day 4      Matthew 8:14-17 

Reflect: What did you learn about Peter from this passage? What insight do you gain from Peter’s mother-in-law’s behavior? What aspects of Jesus’ nature are emphasized?  

Apply:   When has Jesus had compassion on an afflicted family member? How did He minister to him/her? How have you experienced Jesus’ goodness and power?

Pray:     Jesus, You care for our physical, emotional and communal needs, not only making us well, but also healing us to make us whole, that we may live in peace and joy with those around us. 


Day 5      Luke 8:40-56

Reflect: What did you learn about Peter? About Jesus? What was Jesus teaching Peter? Through this text, what is Jesus teaching you? 

Apply:   When have you said something about Jesus, showing that you didn’t fully know Him? How did you come to the truth? How and in what ways does faith in Jesus bring healing?

Pray:      Father, I know what it’s like to be afraid and believe, only to have my hopes dashed. Your Word encourages me to ask for miracles of healing, for restored faith and fearless surrender anew.


Put It Into Practice!

 Week 1: The Call of Simon the Fisherman

Talk with Jesus about His call on your life and what He may want you to change, stop, or do more.