Sin Takes Us Far from God July 25-29

Grumbling, complaining, sin, hearts far from God—these things were far too common for the Israelites in these desert wandering years. And often like us, they lost sight of how far away sin could carry them. How easily we often forget God’s goodness, His provision and protection. When Moses seemed too long in coming down from the mountain, the people turned away from God by bowing down to a golden calf they had set up in the place of God Himself. What starts as complaining hearts gone astray, often ends up leading us farther down pathways we wished we had never entered. Sin gets ahold of our minds and hearts; and like a disease, we cannot shake it off in our own strength. But God, in His mercy, forgives and sets free. 


Day 1       Exodus 32:1-14

Reflect: What does this text show about the heart of the people? About their relationship to God? Why do you think Aaron gave into them? Describe the process of turning away from God.  

Apply:   How do you feel about God’s response to the people? About Moses’ role? When and why have you worshiped something in addition to God? Do you still?   

Pray:     Father, thank You for the godly example of Moses who was jealous for the honor of Your name and was quick to intercede for Your people. Keep me from worshipping the many good gifts You have given me instead of thanking and worshiping You.. 


Day 2     Numbers 20:1-12

Reflect: Describe how Moses sinned against God. What do you think incited Moses to do so? Why did water come out of the rock? What are your thoughts on Moses’ consequence?

Apply:   What most often is your reason for disobeying God? Why is it so hard to do what He says? What consequences of sin have you experienced from the Lord?    

Pray:      Father, help me to deal with every issue in my life that stops me from living according to Your promises. Help me develop the habits of obedience and holiness in the relatively small things as I learn to trust and give You glory in all things.


Day 3      Deuteronomy 8:1-20 

Reflect: What does this text say about the significance of remembering and forgetting? What do you like about the way Moses portrays the importance of obeying God versus not (sin)?

Apply:   Which do you more often, remember or forget? What does God want you to not forget? Why? Which words of advice or warning do you need to take to heart?   

Pray:     Father, like an obedient child, I want to listen and obey Your instructions. Let me tune in to the Holy Spirit’s guidance out of faithfulness and love for You.  


Day 4      Hebrews 3:12-19  

Reflect: How is sin rooted in unbelief? Why is it such a detrimental sin? What causes us to have a hard heart against God? Why? Why is there no rest in disobedience? Explain verse 14.

Apply:   How have you experienced rebellion and/or an unbelieving heart? In what ways do you need other people to encourage you? What can you do to help others not fall away?

Pray:      Father, thank You for the warnings to hold fast to the truth of God’s Word, so that in Christ, I can live a victorious life to Your honor. Align my thoughts and my will to Your thoughts and Your will so I do not go astray. 


Day 5     1 John 1:8-10      

Reflect: What does this passage teach us about sin? About forgiveness? In dealing with sin, what is our role? What is God’s? Does confession bring us closer to God? Why/why not?  

Apply:   How are you currently practicing the discipline of confession? How does it impact your obedience? What evidence in your life shows that God’s Word is in your heart?

Pray:    Jesus, let me not deceive myself by refusing to see my part in any problem. Thank You for Your grace and mercy that makes it possible to freely admit my wrong doings to You and to others instead of living isolated by my own selfish will and guilt. 


Put it into Practice

Week 6: Sin Takes Us Far from God 

Ask God to reveal any sin of unbelief you may be harboring. Make the discipline of confession, both private and public, a regular part of your spiritual life. Watch and see how it impacts your life and impacts others.