Search Me February 14-18

David prayed, “Search me, God, see if there’s “any offensive way” in me.” When you pray that kind of prayer, God is going to show you things that have to go so that He can reclaim your heart, these things that you’ve allowed that have not only captured your heart, but have created a stronghold in your mind. A stronghold is considered a thought or behavior that is not pleasing to the Lord that you cannot seem to stop. Asking God to search your heart is inviting Him to show you areas of impurity so that He can bring you into a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit, transforming you to become more like Jesus.

Day 1     Psalm 139:1-24

Reflect: Notice how David starts and ends this psalm. What does this psalm say about his           relationship with God? Does this psalm give you comfort? Make you uncomfortable?

Apply:   What are some of the advantages of God knowing everything about you? How could this be a source of motivation in your life? Are you ready for the Lord to search you?

Pray:      God, You know me inside and out, through and through. Yet because of the grace You   demonstrated in Jesus, I am confident that You love me even when I sin. Transform my heart, my motivations, and my desires to make me more like Jesus.

Day 2     Psalm 51:1-17   

Reflect: What does David desire of God and why? Now consider what David says the Lord does desire or delight in and what He does not. Why?

Apply:   Use verses from this psalm in both the confession and petition parts of your prayers.

Pray:     Father show me the need to be broken before You in areas I have not yet submitted to You. I want my life to be a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to You.

Day 3       Jeremiah 17:9-10 

Reflect: What is the key message of verse 9? Why is it important? What happens when we trust our own hearts in our daily living? Describe God based on this text.

Apply:   Take note of the true responses of your heart this week and compare them to what you know God’s desired response would be. Ask God to align your heart with His.

Pray:      Father, please help me guard my heart and remove everything that would steal my devotion from You and would ruin my influence with others for You.

Day 4      Proverbs 4:20-27

Reflect: What are we to guard in our lives and what are we to guard against? Why?

Apply:   How are you guarding your heart? Your eyes? Your mouth? Your feet? With what repeated sinful behavior do you struggle most? Ask God to show you the root of it.

Pray:     Lord, help me to purify my heart and my thinking by listening and being faithful to the counsel of your Holy Spirit.

Day 5      Ezekiel 36:25-27 

Reflect: What do you learn about God from this passage? What allows us to break free from sinful patterns and to grow in holiness? Does this describe your life? Why or why not?

Apply:   Do an honest evaluation of your heart in the presence of the Lord. Where are you on the scale between a stony, stubborn heart and a tender, responsive heart?

Pray:      Lord, teach me Your ways and keep me from straying from the path of holiness. I praise and thank You that in Christ I have a cleansed heart and the indwelling Holy       Spirit of life to guide me into all truth.

Put it into Practice: Ask God what things in me is not aligned with your will, confess it and pray for healing.