Rough Seas September 12-16

How do we handle it when our faith is tested? Can we ever really be sure of our salvation, or do we need to constantly be proving ourselves? This week we will look at the idea of being assured of our salvation, even in the midst of doubt and sin. We will come to understand believers can be assured that they are children of God by the inward witness of the Holy Spirit, by faith in the promises of God’s Word, and by the fruit of the Spirit in their lives. Having this assurance brings hope and peace, and provides boldness to live the Christian life in turbulent times and when we are under enemy attack. 


Day 1      John 5:24–27

Reflect: What two actions did Jesus say were necessary for a person to gain eternal life? How do you understand each of them? What evidence will show that someone is spiritually alive?

Apply:   Have you ever doubted your salvation? What caused you to doubt? What promises of God and/or encouraging words from someone have helped you gain assurance?

Pray:    Loving Father, thank you that Jesus Christ became human to pay the price for my sins, and that through Him I have been given the gift of eternal life, Your life in me.


Day 2      Romans 8:31-39 

Reflect: How did Paul emphasize the truth that we can be sure of our position in Christ? How should we view hardships in our life?  Why can’t anyone bring a charge against us? 

Apply:   Which of Paul’s questions resonate most strongly with you? How has the enemy tempted or deceived you in believing lies about Jesus? When have you felt like a conqueror?

Pray:     Thank You, Father, for Your Word assures me that nothing can separate me from Your love. Help me to accept this truth in my heart today.


Day 3      Isaiah 43:1-2

Reflect: According to the text, what all has God done and what does He continue to do for us? How does this build our trust and assurance of His love? What images of God does this bring?

Apply:   What are the fears that threaten you today?  What are the “waters” and the “fires” that you are going through or have experienced, for which you need such comfort and assurance? 

 Pray:    Holy God, thank You that You have promised to be with me in all the scenes and circumstances of life. Jesus, help me to secure my hope in You.


Day 4      1 Peter 5:6-11

Reflect: How does Peter address the rough seas of life? How are we to understand them and of what value are they? What truths do you learn about God? 

Apply:   What comfort or encouragement does this text bring you? Why? What good can come from trials? How have you experienced this? How have you stood firm and resisted the devil?

Pray: Heavenly Father, help me to resist the devil and stand firm in the faith, through Christ, who is my life.  Continue to perfect, confirm, strengthen, and establish me, and may I never forget that You, who started a good work in me, will continue until the day of Christ Jesus.


Day 5     1 John 3:19-24   (Try reading this text in the NLT version)

Reflect: What do you learn about God and our relationship with Him? What are all the ways that John says we can know we are God’s children? What did God teach you from this passage?   

Apply:   What evidence in your life shows that you belong to God? How have you experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit? How does knowing God’s love for you strengthen your faith? 

Pray:     Abba Father, it is a blessing to know I have all I need to live in love and to love others as Christ loved me. Help me to abide in Him and He in me so I may know I am walking in spirit and in truth. 


Put It into Practice!

Week 3:   Troubled Waters

Jesus does not want you to have doubt, worry, or fear about the truth of your salvation through faith in Him or His love for you. Read these additional passages regarding assurance and ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of them as needed:

1 John 5:12-13 Hebrews 7:25 John 10:29     Psalm 94:18-19     Zephaniah 3:17

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