Remove the Obstacles January 15-19

Led by the Spirit to a man interested in God, Philip identified and removed the obstacles standing between the eunuch and faith and used his limited resources—his presence, his hope in Jesus, and his unique surroundings. If you want to wreck roofs for God, it starts with obedience, doing what He says to do. It starts with thinking more about others than yourself. Philip operated this way, hearing the Holy Spirit and doing what he was told with no objections. He didn’t hesitate. Jesus cared more about people than about what people thought of Him. As we seek to carry out Jesus’ mission and include others in it, we must meet people as they are, where they are, and show them how to have the best life with Jesus.


Day 1       Acts 8:26-40

Reflect: What stands out to you? How would you describe Philip? In what ways did Philip Wreck-the-Roof for the eunuch? What was important about the text he was reading?

 Apply: How in tune are you with the Holy Spirit? How obedient are you to His promptings? How would you have talked about the Scripture the man was reading? 

Pray:    God, use me as Your willing follower to help those You are already trying to reach. Grant me the wisdom to know how to help those who yearn to understand your Gospel.


Day 2       John 7:1-18

Reflect: What obstacles did Jesus encounter? How do these apply to us today? What do you learn from how Jesus handled things? What stopped some from speaking about Jesus?  

Apply: What kinds of comments have you heard people speak about Jesus? How did or would you reply to them? What do you learn from Jesus in verses 16-18? 

Pray:    Heavenly Father, thank You that, despite being rejected and crucified, Jesus is coming back to set up His eternal kingdom on earth. Give me an ever-increasing understanding of Your Word and Your purpose to live and work for Your greater praise and glory.


Day 3       Luke 4:14-30

Reflect: What does this passage teach us about Jesus and His mission, and how can that help us share Jesus with others? What obstacles did He encounter? What resulted? 

Apply:    Has anyone become angry by your words of faith? Who are the people that you may not be able to influence for Jesus? What is our role in those situations and what is God’s? 

Pray:     Jesus, what would it look like to join You in Your mission of restoration and healing for those around me?  Help me see the opportunities I have concerning others.   (Write down and share with another what the Lord shows you.)


Day 4       2 Timothy 4:1-5 

Reflect: What would you say is Paul’s main point to Timothy? In today’s world, how have you seen what Paul is describing?  

Apply:    Read these words again as if Paul is speaking to you personally. How does it make you feel? What do you need to do or stop doing to equip yourself to live in this way? 

Pray:     Father, empower me to keep pushing forward to serve You without being distracted. I want to fulfill the ministry You have given me, not fearing persecution or trials, but strong in Your grace.


Day 5      Acts 17:16-34 

Reflect: What do you glean from Paul in this situation? What prompted his desire to preach and teach? What were the reactions to his message? How do you think Paul felt after he left Athens?    

Apply:   How well do you know your audience? Why is this so important in the Wreck-the-Roof ministry? How have you helped to remove obstacles to Jesus for someone?

Pray:     Give me a heart for the lost, and help me to meet people at their point of need. May I present the gospel to them clearly and without hesitation, with love and compassion. 


Put It Into Practice

Week 3: Remove the Obstacles

Look up the top objections people have to Jesus and ask Holy Spirit to help you with a response to them to prepare you for Wreck-the-Roof opportunities.