Profound Love February 28-March 4

We learn all we need to know about surrender from Jesus Himself. He lived His life in complete dependence on the Father. And everything He did was done in love. Jesus knew that “the Father had put all things under His power.” All the power in the universe was given to Him. What did Jesus do with it? He got up from the table and began to wash the feet of His disciples. Jesus was absolutely conscious of His divine nature and this led Him to perform the duty of a slave.

He who was so high, stooped so low.  It is hard to imagine the love of God when we think of our sinfulness. Jesus knows you completely, yet He loves you to the end. His death proves how much He loves you.

Day 1      John 13:1

Reflect: What is John telling us about the love Jesus had for his disciples? What does it mean to love someone to the end?

Apply:    “To the end” can also be rendered “unto the uttermost”. Read the verse again slowly, and contemplate the depth and degree and the permanence of Jesus’ love for you.

Pray:       Jesus, I stand amazed at Your heart of love for me and for all who have trusted You as Savior. Teach me to learn to love as You do.

Day 2      John 13:2-5

Reflect: What is significant about verse 3 with regard to the next two verses? What does this reveal about Jesus? What kind of love was Jesus modeling?

Apply:     What needs to change in your life in order for you to serve and love people the way that Jesus does? This week, how can you serve someone who should be serving you?

Pray:       Holy Spirit, please give me courage and confidence to serve others sacrificially. Use me to be a blessing to others.

Day 3   John 13:6-11

Reflect:  Describe the difference between Jesus’ act of humility and Peter’s seemingly humble response? How do you think Judas felt when Jesus washed his feet?

Apply:   How have you or would you respond to having someone wash your feet? Why? When have you found yourself unwilling to do something that Jesus would have done?

Pray:       Father, thank You for this picture of humble submission to the Father’s will, when the Lord      Jesus began to wash the feet of His bewildered disciples. Open my understanding to all that You are seeking to teach me about what it means to submit to You.

Day 4      John 13:12-17

Reflect:  How would you describe what Jesus is really teaching the disciples? What is important about what He said in verse 13? What kind of blessings result from obeying Jesus (verse 17)?

Apply:   How would you rate your servant heart? Think of two people you know whom you believe demonstrate a serving lifestyle. Call or write a note thanking them for serving.

Pray:     Jesus, may I decrease in all I say and do so that the new life in You may increase in me.  May You be seen in me as I die to self and live for You.

Day 5      John 13:18-30    

Reflect:  What do you think was going through the disciples’ minds? What do we learn about temptation and Satan’s role in the choices we make?

Apply:     Recently, how have you been powerfully tempted or actually denied or betrayed Jesus in some way? How did you overcome the temptation? How did you deal with the denial or your silence instead of standing for Christ?

Pray:       Examine your heart by asking, “Lord, is it I?“  Pray with Him concerning the response. Holy Spirit, fill me with Your power to withstand the temptation to betray You and the grace to live faithfully for You.

Put It Into Practice

Personalize these 7 verses, one per day, and claim the promises of God’s love over your life. Doing this helps you read the Bible as God’s personal love letter to you, and it will strengthen your faith and encourage your heart. Simply insert personal pronouns into the verses, like this using Zephaniah 3:17: “God will take delight in me with gladness. With His love, He will calm all my fears. He will rejoice over me with joyful songs.”

Verses:   Ephesians 1:5,  Psalm 5:11-12,  Psalm 103:11-12,  Romans 5:8,  Psalm 17:8, 1 John 4:16,  Isaiah 54:10