Powerful Prayers May 15-19

Revival is about God’s Name being exalted with praise and honor given to Him, on earth as it is in heaven.  As we understand the awesome power of the One we address in prayer, our faith grows and we begin to pray in a way that moves the hand of God. Powerful prayers are not about the spoken words, but the heart behind them, a heart hungry for God.  As we prepare for God to revive us, we pray for God to move in our own hearts in order to receive more of His love. We become the love of God by experiencing the love of God.  We ask Him to work in the hearts of others so they are open to see God’s glory and have the desire to know Him. Most importantly, we need to pray in a posture of humility; our lives are to exalt Jesus. 


Day 1       Psalm 63:1-11

Reflect: How would you describe David’s heart for God? What strikes you most about David’s attitude? (Verses 3-5) Can you claim all of these words as your own? Why or why not? 

Apply:   Pray through verses 1-8. Stop after each verse to add your own heartfelt words of praise and thanksgiving. Let the Lord know He is your desire, and how much you need Him. 

Pray:     Lord, make this psalm prayer more and more a part of my assumptions, my expectations and my hopes. I want to genuinely say every word in this psalm with integrity. Continue teaching me to find satisfaction in You alone.  


Day 2      Psalm 130:1-8

Reflect: What do you think was the motivation for writing these words? For what is the psalmist waiting? What are your thoughts about this psalm? What does it mean to you? 

Apply:   Pray through this psalm verse by verse, confessing sinful ways, seeking what you need from God. When you made this a personal prayer, what did you receive from Him?    

Pray:     Lord, here I am in my imperfection, in my pain and suffering, in my dark despair. I call to You for forgiveness, for mercy, for healing. Help me to walk with You in perfect trust and to wait on your Word. You always hear me calling Your name which is mighty to save. 


Day 3      Psalm 145:1-14 

Reflect: What do you learn from the words and phrases that speak of God and His character? How do you see humility expressed? On what does the psalmist recall and meditate? Why?

Apply:   As you pray this psalm, express gratitude for others and for what they passed on about God and His goodness. Praise God for His great deeds you’ve witnessed in your own life. 

Pray:     My God and King, may I speak often of your awesome deeds, causing others to consider the multitude of blessings You have given to all mankind. Help me to declare Your greatness so that all might look to You and praise You, blessing Your holy name forever. 


Day 4      Psalm 85:1-13

Reflect: Why is remembering or recalling what God has done important? For what is the psalmist asking of God? What is he committing to do? 

Apply:   Use this psalm as a prayer asking God to restore and revive your own heart and the hearts of His people. Seek His forgiveness and His help to keep us on the path to life, fearing Him. 

Pray:     Righteous King, thank You for extending mercy to us. We are sinful creatures who deserve Your holy wrath. But in grace, You turned from the fierceness of Your anger and had pity upon us. Restore us again, O God, and once more, put aside Your anger against us .


Day 5      Psalm 112:1-10

Reflect: What are the blessings that come from revering, honoring, and obeying the Lord? What needs to happen for you to become a person who truly lives and rests under God’s favor? 

Apply:   Modify this psalm as you pray, replacing plural pronouns (e.g., they, their) with singular (e.g. I, my). Then ask God what is blocking you from His blessings and how to receive more.

Pray:    God, make us hungrier for Your presence. Cause us to be true worshipers of You. Let our worship be a fragrant and pleasing offering to You. We are desperate for You! Revive us! 


Put It Into Practice!

Week 2: Psalms are known for being especially effective during times of prayer and meditation. Our forefathers, including our Savior Jesus Christ, devoutly prayed the Psalms for increased power and blessing. Try prayerfully reading these verses as part of your daily routine, adding to them your own heartfelt words. For praising God—Psalm 146:1-2.  

For strength—Psalms 28:7-8. For success—Psalm 1:1-2. For encouragement—Psalm 37:5. For confession—Psalm 32:5. For protection—Psalm 91:9-13. For healing—Psalm 34:18.