Our Hearts, His Home December 4-8

One of the most delightful concepts in human experience is the idea of “home”, and it is especially true during the holidays. The word “home” suggests concepts of rest, security, and the presence of those we love the most. Scripture speaks of home numerous times, affirming its importance and our longing for home. In his Gospel, John tells us that God sent Jesus to be born in human flesh in order to make His home among us. Jesus changes the idea of home to be more personal than communal. More importantly, He changed the idea of home from a temporal perspective to an eternal one. God wants to settle in us. He is not here to visit or to occasionally be with us; He’s here to stay, to make His home in our hearts. 


Day 1       John 14:19-23 

Reflect: In response to Judas’ question, what did Jesus’ answer mean? What needs to happen for Christ to make His home in our hearts? How are love and obedience interconnected?

Apply: Would you say Christ is the owner of your heart/home, or a guest? Homes have rooms. Are there any “rooms” in your “home” to which you do not want to give Jesus access? Why not?

Pray:  Jesus, because of all You have done for me, I long to love and honor You with joyful obedience. Give me open ears to hear Your Word and a willing heart to love You more each day.


Day 2      Ephesians 3:14-19 

Reflect: What is the main point of this text? What does Paul say is necessary for Christ to dwell or make His home in our hearts? Describe the foundation of this home.

Apply:   God often has to clean out things in our heart/home in order to make room for His love. In your heart, what is He saying needs to go? Lies from Satan, doubts, sin, pride…?   

Pray:     Lord, clean out my hurts, concerns, worries, agendas, unforgiveness, and everything else that needs to go. Fill me with Your love, Your presence, and Your provision.


Day 3       Psalm 90:1-2 (A prayer of Moses, the man of God)

Reflect: Take time with each verse. Consider all that Moses encountered with God. How did this affect his prayer? How had God been His people’s  home/dwelling place?  

Apply:   Talk to God about how you have experienced Him as your home. Has He been a safe place for you? Is He where you go to be loved, to find rest, comfort, peace?

Pray:    Everlasting God, I find great comfort in knowing that I cannot be anywhere You are not. Help me to know You more, to love You better, and to follow You more closely.


Day 4      John 14:1-4; Psalm 84:1-4

Reflect: How do these two passages speak to your heart? What comfort do you receive? As you read, what other emotions came up? What is the connection between the two texts? 

Apply:    Does knowing you have an eternal home with Jesus impact how you live today with Him? What are the similarities and differences between being at home with Jesus, now, and later?

Pray:      Lord, teach me how to be future-minded with now-impact of abiding in the goodness and richness of being at home in You. I can only imagine what it will be like to stand before You.


Day 5      2 Corinthians 5:1-10 

Reflect: What is the perspective of “home”? How does the Spirit guarantee what is to come? Why is this important? How can this passage help you share the Gospel of hope with someone? 

Apply:    In this text, what speaks loudest to you? Who would this text comfort if you shared it with them? To what are you most looking forward to as you consider your final home?

Pray:     Father, thank You that no matter what trials, tribulations, persecution, and pain I may face while living in this earthly tent, I have the assurance of an eternal heavenly home. Keep me ever mindful that my citizenship and eternal inheritance are in heaven. 



Put It Into Practice!

Week 2: Our Hearts, His Home

Homes often need remodeling. Talk with Jesus about the kind of changes or updates that need to be made in your heart, His home. Are there closets needing to be cleaned out? Things hidden in the basement? Does your kitchen or living room need to be opened up and made bigger? Use this imagery to help your heart become a more beautiful, peaceful and joyful place.