Meet With Me January 24-28

We were made to function best in a prayerful relationship with God. In Scripture, God commands us to pray, thus prayer should be considered an act of obedience. Prayer was an important part of Jesus’ life of obedience. He prayed because of His relationship with the Father and because of the confidence He had in His Father’s perfect provision and plan. He also prayed to teach us that as children of God our obedient submission to the will of the Father will bring us spiritual blessing. As our prayer life grows, so does our worship and love for Christ. Meeting with God is not to be ignored. In fact, seeking His face and His presence is to be our first priority in order to grow in faith.

Day 1      Luke 11:1-13 

Reflect:   What do you learn from Jesus’ teaching regarding how we are to approach God in prayer? What do you learn about content, frequency, and the reason for seeking God?

Apply:    What needs to change to bring your own prayers more into line with these teachings of Jesus? Today, for what are you asking, searching, and knocking?

Pray:       Father, You give freely from love to anyone who asks. Teach me to seek You first and surrender my will to Your will. I ask for guidance as I listen for Your voice.

Day 2      Psalm 63:1-8    

Reflect:   David knew that God’s presence was the best part of life. How does the text reflect this? What would you say is the primary source of his resounding praise?

Apply:     Allow this text to fill you with a desire to meet with your heavenly Father as David did.     Choose one verse to say daily right after you open your eyes in the morning.

Pray:        Father, thank You for the example of David that reminds me that You are the living water of life that satisfies the longing of my heart. I live my life to Your praise and glory as I tightly cling to You.

Day 3       1 Chronicles 16:7-11

Reflect:   What does this text tell us about God? What image does it give us of God? What should be our response to Him?

Apply:     What would it be like to seek the Lord’s counsel throughout your day? Try that today.

Pray:        Father, I praise You for salvation and freedom in Christ. With the assurance of Your       nearness, let Your presence bring strength as I seek You with all my heart.

Day 4       Psalm 16:1-11     

Reflect:   David knew what it was to be in the presence of God. Being in God’s presence was his fuel, greatest joy, and source of courage. How do you see this reflected?

Apply:     How would your prayers change if you focused on all God has done for you? Let your      prayers today be filled with gratitude for these things. Use words from this psalm.

Pray:        Father, thank You for Your great goodness and the many blessings that You shower on me. In Your presence, I experience the fullness of joy as a daily experience.

Day 5       Psalm 84:1-12 

Reflect:   What is the psalmist’s desire and why? How would you describe his relationship with God? What in this psalm speaks to you most?

Apply:     Choose a verse to use in prayer and ask the Lord to reveal His nearness to you. Ask Him to give you the passion of the psalmist to be in His presence.

Pray:        Lord, may the Church be a place that bridges the gap between heaven and earth, where we meet with our God and enjoy Your presence together in community.