Marriage Rights June 12-16

Marriage is a sweet and precious gift from God and He desires righteousness within the marriage relationship. God wants His people to delight themselves in their spouses. In Proverbs, you’ll find that the key to protecting a marriage is to cultivate contentment and rejoice in the good gift given by God’s hand. Pursuing a healthy marriage is profoundly simple, yet excruciatingly hard. Proverbs tells us that a healthy marriage is oneness. God desires a husband and wife to be one, and the fruit of oneness is contentment. Peace is also important for a healthy marriage.  In marriage, the lack of peace is never one-sided and is unpleasant for both parties. The world needs godly marriages. Through marriage, we have a great opportunity to display God’s wisdom to the world. 


Day 1        Proverbs 18:22; Genesis 2:24; Matthew 19:6

Reflect: Based on these verses, what is God’s view of and intention for marriage? What does it mean to be “one flesh”? How does a healthy “fear of the Lord” impact a marriage relationship?     

Apply:   How does knowing that God sees marriage as a blessing shape your view of the marriage relationship? What are ways to cultivate a “oneness’ in marriage? What disrupts it and why?

Pray:     Father, thank You for the institution of marriage and the many benefits and joys that stream from this holy ordinance. Help us to be faithful to our spouses and bring truth to our families. Draw close to all who are married and protect the sanctity of their marriages.


Day 2      Proverbs 5:15-23; 6:32-33; 3:3-4 

Reflect: What exhortations and warnings are given regarding purity in marriage? What reasons are given for pursuing marital fidelity? What causes infidelity in God’s eyes?  

Apply:   In what ways does discontentment destroy a marriage relationship? How can you pursue contentment? How does a growing relationship with God enhance a marriage?

Pray:     God, whether single or married, might we adhere to Your beautiful design for marriage and sexuality according to the boundaries that You provide. Help me to live a life that honors You. 


Day 3      Proverbs 15:13-17; 21:21; 29:23; 1 Peter 4:8  

Reflect: How would these proverbs benefit a marriage relationship? Define the kind of love God expects in marriage. How do you understand 1 Peter 4:8? 

Apply:   Which of these verses speaks loudest to you? Why? How does your spiritual perspective and your earthly circumstances impact your marriage? What changes are needed?

Pray:      Holy Spirit, I ask for patience and love for others and to forgive as Christ forgives me. May I serve others, reflecting Christ in a way that shows Your kingdom and its glory.


Day 4      Proverbs 10:32; 12:18; 15:1-4, 28; 16:23-24; 21:19 

Reflect: How we speak and communicate with each other in marriage is critical. What do these proverbs teach us about our attitudes, our words, and the proper motives behind them? 

Apply:   From these proverbs, what have you learned that you can practice in marriage and in other relationships? How have your words caused problems? How have they brought peace?

 Pray:    God, help me to watch my words and forgive me when I fail. In times of frustration and anger, allow me to use kindness and truth instead of harsh words. Help me to not become defensive or accusatory. I want my words to be a blessing today.


Day 5       Ephesians 5:21-33 

Reflect: What does this passage teach about the husband’s role and the wife’s role in marriage? If taken to heart, verses 21 and 33 can profoundly impact a marriage. Describe how? 

Apply:   In this passage, what do you learn about Jesus and about yourself? How would your view of marriage change if the goal is to make one another like Jesus? 

Pray:    Jesus, Your Word teaches that marriage is not just a relationship; it’s a covenant. It is not just commitment to a person; it is commitment to a purpose.  Lord Jesus, I pray You would be glorified in marriage to honor Your name.


Put It Into Practice!

Week 2: Right Marriage

Our relationship with the Lord will determine how we act in all other relationships. Here are questions to consider this week about the marriage relationship. Is God pleased with my life? Is He pleased with how I’m treating my spouse? What in my heart needs to change for my spouse to feel unconditionally loved by me? How can my marriage be a better reflection of the gospel?