Make Me Bold February 21-25

All too often we pray safe prayers like, “God bless me.” Or “God, guide me.” These are safe in that no matter what happens, our confidence in God remains unchallenged. God desires for us to pray prayers that are life-altering and soul-shaping, the kind of prayers that wreck our lives in a good way to make us more like Christ and draw us to closer intimacy with God. One such prayer was prayed by the early church leaders. It was a prayer for the Lord to make them bold, asking God to give them unshakable spiritual convictions. Boldness was a requirement for the Gospel to spread then and it still is required today. Ask the Holy Spirit to make you bold—you may see opportunities to be bold in ways that you never saw before!

Day 1      Acts 4:27-31 

Reflect:  In what situation and why were the disciples praying for boldness? Why do you think that they did not pray for protection or safety or ease in sharing the message?

Apply:   What attracts opposition to the Gospel? Are you living in a way that attracts opposition? When has the Holy Spirit given you boldness to share Jesus’ love?

Pray:     Holy Spirit, fill me with boldness and courage. In Your love, compel me to share Your Gospel of love that saves those who trust in You.

Day 2      Acts 4:8-22

Reflect: What situation afforded Peter the opportunity to share the Gospel message and why was this significant? Why were Peter and John regarded as courageous?

Apply:   How can answered prayer—an encounter with the power of Jesus, or your victory in Him—allow you to share more about the Gospel? Pray for courage to do so.

Pray:    God, in the midst of difficulty, give me strength to endure and faith to continue living for Christ. Give me opportunity and boldness to share Your testimony.

Day 3       1 Thessalonians 2:1-4

Reflect: What motivation is given for speaking about Jesus in the face of opposition?

Apply:   Can you say it is worth being bold in the name of the Lord even if you suffer consequences?  Why or why not? Would you say God has entrusted you with the Gospel?

Pray:     Lord, empower me with boldness, coupled with love and humility, to be a light in the darkness. Help me to be Your ambassador, living a life that is pleasing to You.

Day 4      Philippians 1:12-14

Reflect: How does Paul refocus his hardship in his life to help the Philippian church gain perspective?  How can God use seasons of “imprisonment” to produce joy in us?

Apply:   Who do you admire for their courage in sharing the Gospel with others? Have you told them? What can you learn from them to help you become a better witness?

Pray:     Faithful Father, may Your Spirit go ahead of me to open the hearts and minds of every person I speak to about Your Gospel. Give me boldness, the words to say, and the right moment to say them.

Day 5   2 Timothy 1:6-8

Reflect:  Paul says to “share in suffering for the gospel by the power of God” (verse 8). What does this look like for us? What does it mean to suffer “by the power of God?”

Apply:   What does God want to fan into flame in you? Are you letting fear interfere with the work God has for you? How are you receiving the powerful words in verse 8 right now?

Pray:     God of victory, You gave me a spirit not of fear but of power. Fill me with Your power to confront the evil one who is creating that fear in my life. You say the righteous are as bold as a lion. Give me that boldness, Lord God.