Keep Your Focus January 22-26

Every day we are given an opportunity to live distracted or devoted to the cause of Christ. We keep our focus on getting the message of Jesus to the ends of the earth and letting that commitment put everything else in perspective. Jesus never lost focus on His mission, and His mission has never been merely about converts. It has always been about people. If our motivation for people to come to know Jesus is not rooted in genuine sacrificial love, we’re missing the heart of the mission. We’re missing the heart of Jesus. Jesus said that, over anything else, the biggest party in heaven is about one saved soul. We Wreck-the-Roof so people can respond to the Good News about Jesus, so they come to know His saving grace. For that to happen, we must stay focused on and dedicated to the Word of God.  


Day 1      Acts 13:26-49

Reflect: How did Paul use Scripture to help others be saved? Why was this important? What all resulted from his message and what do you learn from this? 

Apply:    How has Scripture helped you to know Jesus? How has knowing the truth of the Word, especially about forgiveness of sin and eternal life, helped you to share it with someone? 

Pray:      Father, help me to recognize the different audiences that are being addressed in different Bible passages and show me how to understand the context. Help me to grow in grace and in knowledge of You.


Day 2     2 Timothy 3:14-17

Reflect: How is the Holy Spirit speaking to you through this text? Who taught you the Scriptures? What role did God’s Word play in your salvation?   

Apply:   How has Scripture helped you keep your focus on Jesus? Review all the things Paul says Scripture is good for in our lives. How has it been true for you?  

Pray:     Lord, may I never take for granted the great gift of being able to read Your Word and learn Your Truth. Please give me the character and the courage to put it into practical use, and let it train me to do Your will. 


Day 3      Luke 19:1-10

Reflect: Read this familiar text from the Wreck-the-Roof story perspective. Why might have Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus? What is significant about Jesus saying, “Come down!”   

Apply: Who do you know at the “looking at Jesus from a distance” point in their journey? How could you help them to come more face to face with Jesus?  

Pray:   God, help me to see You at work in people around me. Help me to be willing to seek the lost by joining Your search-and-rescue campaign.


Day 4       2 Kings 22:1-11

Reflect: What do you learn from this text? What was Josiah like? Why was the Book of the Law lost? What scripture do you imagine Shaphan read to the king?    

Apply:   What happens when the Bible gets lost in our lives? How has hearing the Word brought you to tears of godly sorrow? Of joy? What about when you’ve shared it with others?     

Pray:     Lord Jesus, help me get into the Bible daily, and for Your words to get into me. Every time I open Your Word, open my heart and mind to the guidance of your Spirit. 


Day 5       Romans 10:14-17

Reflect: What is the purpose of the questions Paul asks? What do these questions stir in you? How is someone “sent” to share the Good News? Is this meant for a few or for all? 

Apply:   What happens when a church loses sight of its mission? What has caused you to miss opportunities or lose your focus on taking people to Jesus? How beautiful are your feet?

Pray:    Father, thank You for the people who told me about Jesus, for all who proclaimed the message of Christ in my hearing. May my feet be shod with the beautiful message of peace with God, as I make known to everyone, in every place, that Jesus is Lord! 


Put It Into Practice!

Week 4: Keep Your Focus 

Commit to the habit to Spend Time Daily with God through Scripture and prayer so you will stay focused on Christ throughout each day. Find someone to help keep you accountable.