Is There a Redeemer? March 4-8

God is Job’s hope for vindication against his friends lambasting his integrity. God is Job’s hope for restoration of community. God is Job’s hope for the redemption of everything that sin, death, the curse, and Satan have broken, stolen, and destroyed in his life.  Though God’s redemptive plan for His people includes provision and protection to those who seek Him, it also includes propitiation for those who sin against Him, provoking and deserving His wrath. Out of His great love for us, God poured out His wrath on His perfect Son, who gave Himself for us so that we could have fellowship with God. God’s plan of redemption for His people finds its full meaning and full power in the sacrifice of Christ. 


Day 1      Job 9:1-35

Reflect: How does Job portray God’s power? Why does Job feel inept to present his case before God? How does Christ, as our Mediator, reflect Job’s expressed need for one? 

Apply:   Job acknowledges God’s power but also questions His ways. Have you ever felt the same tension in your faith journey?  What is Job teaching you about enduring faith? 

Pray:     Jesus, Job dreamed of a day when he could speak to God without fear. You made a way! Because of You, my Mediator, I can confidently approach the throne of Grace and receive grace and mercy to endure in faith.


Day 2      Job 16:15-21

Reflect: As Job prays through his tears, what certainty is impressed on his soul? How does Job’s plea for a witness in heaven reflect on his relationship with God in his suffering? 

Apply:   How does Job’s yearning for a divine witness resonate with your own desires for validation in your life experiences? How have you known Jesus as your Best Friend? 

Pray:      Jesus, You see me and are ruling over all things today. When I feel I am struggling alone, help me to remember and know You are with me and You are praying for me.


Day 3       Job 19:23–27

Reflect: What was the role of a redeemer in the Old Testament? In what ways does Job’s understanding of the word “redeemer” differ from the ways we commonly understand it?

Apply:   How does Job’s hope in resurrection provide comfort in the face of personal loss? How do you interpret “my Redeemer lives” in the context of your faith and spiritual journey? 

Pray: Lord, thank You for accounts of real people who trust You, no matter what. Job had assurance that what You say, You will do. I, too, KNOW that my Redeemer lives!


Day 4      Romans 8:31-39 

Reflect: What do we learn about God and Jesus? How does this text speak to the readings in Job? How does it speak to someone going through hardship? 

Apply:   Which of Paul’s questions resonate most strongly with you? What is the impact of knowing that Jesus is interceding for you? How secure are you in God’s unending love?   

Pray:     Father, forgive me for times when I have doubted or questioned Your unfailing love and grace that You have poured out on me without measure. Let me never forget the amazing truth that because I am in Christ, You are for me, not against me.


Day 5       Colossians 1:9-17 

Reflect: What is Paul’s primary message? Describe Jesus’ role as our Rescuer and Redeemer. How does this text speak to the faith, thoughts, and actions of Job? 

Apply:   How can you live a life “worthy of the Lord” in your everyday interactions? How are you pursuing to know God more? Is your life pleasing to Him? Why or why not?

Pray:     Jesus, thank You for delivering me from the domain of darkness and transferring me into Your kingdom. Help me to patiently endure life’s trials and difficulties, secure in Your grace and love, living to please You.


Put It Into Practice!

Week 4   Is There a Redeemer?

Spend time pondering the cross. Hold one in your hand, look at it, imagine it and meditate on it.  Close your eyes and ponder the full reality of the Crucifixion.