“I Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle!” July 10-14

Have you heard these? “When God closes a door, He opens a window.” “God helps those who help themselves.” “This too shall
pass.” They are not scriptural truths, but we want to think they are because they sound so nice and comforting and hopeful. Just
like this one—”God won’t give you more than you can handle!” When reading through the Bible, it is pretty evident that this
saying is not at all true. Because the truth is, God does give us more than we can handle—on our own. Just look at people in
Scripture, and even Jesus Himself, to realize that God does indeed allow us to experience some overwhelming and hard-to-
handle situations. We will see there are two main reasons for these tough situations. They cause us to depend on God’s
presence, and they allow us to experience His power.


Day 1    1 Corinthians 10:12-13
Reflect: What does this passage teach us about ourselves, temptation, and sin? About God? Why does it often get interpreted to
mean, “God won’t give us more than we can handle”?
Apply:  When have you heard or used this phrase? What is the typical reason that Christians use this and other similar clichés?
How can this cliché be hurtful?
Pray:    Jesus, You never promised us a life without suffering, trials, or temptations. You do promise to supply the way out
of temptation. You also tell us we are never meant to handle anything on our own, but were created to live in relationship
with You.


Day 2      2 Corinthians 1:8-10
Reflect: What are biblical examples of people who were burdened beyond their ability to bear it? What can we can learn from
suffering more than we can handle?
Apply:   How can you experience God’s comfort in the midst of your most difficult moments? How can these times help us rely
on the Gospel, and eventually help us to share the Gospel?
Pray:     Father, thank You that I am saved by grace through faith in Christ and that You have promised to deliver me from
the distresses of the world and the trials and tribulations that I face. Thank You that my hope is in Christ.


Day 3      2 Corinthians 12:8-10
Reflect: Why didn’t God remove Paul’s thorn? What does this teach about why God allows difficult things to come into our lives?
Why should you feel happy when life seems out of control?
Apply:   What’s overwhelming you today? To fully experience God’s power, what specific weakness do you need to embrace?
Who do you know who has a thorn from God and benefits from it?
Pray:      Jesus, help me be content with whatever You let come my way—weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and
calamities. When I am weak, Your power can shine through me.


Day 4      Jonah 2:1-7
Reflect: Do you think Jonah thought he couldn’t handle God’s call for him to go to Nineveh? Why?
Why did God allow Jonah to experience the dark time in the belly of a whale?
Apply:   What part of Jonah’s prayer do you relate to most and why? How have you experienced the presence of God when
you’ve had more than you could handle? How did it change your view?
Pray:     God, I praise You for Your relentless mercy, grace and love towards sinners, including me. When I cry out to
You from my distress, You hear and answer me by Your grace. Salvation belongs to You.


Day 5      Psalm 145:14-20
Reflect: What does this psalm teach about God? About our relationship with Him? How does it speak to the cliché we are addressing? Where do you see the embodiment of hope?
Apply:    What habits can you create in order to make God’s presence the first place you go when you’re overwhelmed? What is
God asking you to let Him carry?
Pray:      Lord, I am in awe of Your love and patience on this spiritual journey. Help me to submit to You, my mind,
actions, and circumstances for transformational growth.


Put It Into Practice!

Week 2: “I Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle!”
Make your own list of Scriptures to read when you feel like you have more than you can handle. Frequently ask God to reveal
what He wants you to let Him carry.