Greater Things March 14-18

In John 14, Jesus shares with His disciples the important truths of who He is, the great work that they will do, and the help He will give them. When the disciples truly believe and embrace these truths, they will see Jesus for who He is as God in the flesh. They will see that the greatest work they can do is sharing the Gospel message and bringing others to belief in Jesus. They will also see that God will help them accomplish this work through answering prayers that seek to glorify God and accomplish His will in this world. So it is with us. When we believe in Jesus and what He came to accomplish for the sake of all people, our perspective changes and we understand that believing is seeing. Jesus and the Father are living in us and acting through us.

Day 1      John 14:5-11

Reflect:  What is Jesus teaching the disciples about their identity? About His identity? How is Jesus comforting them by His words? How do you see the gospel presented?

Apply:    Reflect on what you learn from Jesus about who the Father is. How does this change your view or your relationship with God the Father? What does your room look like?!!

Pray:       Lord, familiarity can prevent me from seeing the astonishing truth of Your Word. Open  my understanding to grasp, believe and act on these simple, yet profound truths.

Day 2      John 14:12-14

Reflect:   Describe how Jesus wants the disciples to partner with Him. How do these two promises work together? What is the condition for both of them? How is surrender a part of this?

Apply:     How do you understand and feel about verse 12? What kind of Jesus’ works are you currently doing? How do you ensure that your prayers are aligned with the will of God?

Pray:       Jesus, work through me in ways I never dreamed were possible. Bless our church to live more passionately for You and use us in mighty ways to bless others to Your glory.

Day 3     John 14:15-21

Reflect: How does Jesus present the unity of the Trinity? In what is obedience to God rooted and why is it so vital? How does this passage work together with yesterday’s text?

Apply:    How does this text comfort you? Convict you? What is your experience with verse 20? Soak in this truth. Remind yourself of it often and see how it impacts you and your love for others.

Pray:       Father, thank You that the life that I now live and the choices that I make come from my new nature as prompted by the Holy Spirit. May I grow in grace and knowledge of You.

Day 4      John 14:22-27

Reflect:  What two gifts does Jesus promise to the disciples and why are they needed? How do you understand the word advocate? Why does Jesus use that name for the Holy Spirit?

Apply:    How have you experienced the teaching and reminding of the Holy Spirit? How has He helped to build your faith? What kinds of peace from Christ have you experienced?

Pray:       Holy Spirit, You reside in me to teach me Your truth and to guide my steps in this increasingly anti-God society. Open my understanding to the immeasurable riches of Your promises that endure throughout all generations.

Day 5     John 14:28-31 

Reflect:  What is the underlying message Jesus is conveying to His disciples in each of these verses? Why are these truths important? What do we learn about the prince or ruler of this world and his mission?

Apply:    What is your main takeaway from this weeks’ readings? How will you respond to Jesus’ teachings?

Pray:       Father, to Your glory may I carry out Your will and purpose in my life in utter dependence upon You, and in total submission to the Holy Spirit so that the life of Christ may be lived through me.

Put It Into Practice

When Jesus said, “whoever believes in Me will do even greater things than these,” what He may have been saying is “you are more than you think you are.” Meditate on this and journal your thoughts and feelings.