God’s Law Is For Our Good July 18-22

Since the Garden of Eden, man has rebelled against God. To help free humanity from this propensity to sin and help each of us to lead our best lives, God handed down the Ten Commandments through Moses as a code of moral laws by which to live. God’s commandments are not an onerous set of rules we should follow out of fear or guilt. Rather, they serve as boundaries that keep us on the straight and narrow path while showing us our need for a Savior when we inevitably stray from that path. The commandments represent God’s personal interest in bringing out the best in His children so that we may live life to the fullest. Obedience is life. 


Day 1 Exodus 19:1-8

Reflect: What is significant about the two things of which God reminded the Israelites? (Verse 4) What do these verses tell us about salvation, obedience, relationship and holiness?

Apply:   Notice the bigness of the little word “if” in verse 5. Why is obedience such a big deal to God? How big of a deal is it to you to be God’s special treasure?

Pray:    Jesus, my identity is found entirely in You, and You call me Your special treasure. I know this isn’t because of anything I’ve done, but because of everything You are. Help me to understand more fully the joy of living in obedience to You.


Day 2     Exodus 20:1-21 

Reflect: After reading this passage, what is the first thing that comes to mind? What do we learn about God’s character? How does the Law reveal our sin?    

Apply:   How often do you think about God’s commands? When you hear the word obey, what comes to mind? How have you experienced God’s good by obeying Him? 

Pray:     Heavenly Father, Your Laws are gracious and good and expose the dark thoughts of the heart that lead to sin. Keep my mind pure and focused on You so I may testify of Your goodness and love for all people and so many may come to faith.


Day 3       Deuteronomy 5:22-33

Reflect: Describe God based on this passage. What kind of relationship does He want? What do you learn about human nature? About the purpose for the commandments?

Apply:   How are the people in your life impacted by your obedience to God? By Your disobedience? How have you experienced God’s glory and majesty? Why are we to “fear the Lord”?

Pray:      God, Your Word is life; Your Word brings life; and without Your Word, I experience eternal death. Help me to live today in obedience to Your Word. Use me to spread Your word, so that others might know life. 


Day 4       Psalm 119:1-8; 33-40 

Reflect: How would you describe the psalmist’s level of obedience? What struggles does he have with obeying the law? What is his desire? Why?

Apply:   How would you explain the “why” behind verses 1 and 2? If you had to pick one verse to declare to or ask of the Lord, which would it be and why?  

Pray: Lord, help me to keep Your testimonies in a world that is twisted and calls my name. I want to seek you with my whole heart–every day, every minute, wholeheartedly. Deliver me from all unbelief within me.


Day 5      Mark 12:28-34 

Reflect: Why didn’t Jesus stop after the first command He cited for the teacher? In verse 31, why is commandment singular and not plural? What did the man mean in verse 33, and what did Jesus mean in verse 34?  

Apply:   We know that God’s law is for our good. How are these two commands, which are the basis for all the others, for our good? How are you loving God? Loving your neighbors? 

Pray:  Jesus, Your two most important commands are about love, not about rules. Enlarge and sensitize my heart to make the “law of love” be my priority.


 Put it into Practice

Week 5: God’s Law Is For Our Good

Make Philippians 2:13 into a prayer of blessing and memorize it:  

2:13 God is working in you to make you willing and able to obey Him. (CEV)

2:13 For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him. (NLT)