God is Our Provider July 4-8

They were hungry. God sent manna. They were thirsty. God sent water gushing from a rock. Another time He made the bitter waters sweet again, so they could drink. Every day there was a miracle right before their eyes. Over and over, God provided for their needs. And just as the people of Israel had to look to God to meet their needs, to be refreshed by what He offered, and to gather manna every morning in the wilderness, so it is with us. His provision and blessing never run dry. Every day, His miracles are right before our eyes. We just must choose to look for them and stay close in His presence. God never runs out of resources.


Day 1      Exodus 16:1-32

Reflect:   What attitudes lay behind the complaints? How would you describe God’s attitude in responding to grumbling? What lessons did God teach as He provided for Israel?

Apply:   What was the last thing you grumbled about not having? What resulted? What is God teaching you from this text? What and how does God provide for you on a daily basis?

Pray:      Father, I repent of my complaining and grumbling. Although You fill my life with great blessings and provide for my needs, I have been ungrateful. Each new day, fill my mouth with praise and gratefulness in worship of You.


Day 2      Exodus 17:1-7

Reflect: What is significant about how God provides for the people this time? How did they end up at the camp? Why do you think God wanted Moses to use the staff for the miracle?

Apply:   What do you learn about God’s steadfast love, and how do you see Jesus? What would change if you adopted a posture of praise instead of a posture of murmuring?

Pray:      Lord, forgive me for those times that I have tested You and complained because I doubted Your provision. I choose to trust You and to drink deeply of the living water that flows from Jesus, our smitten Rock of Salvation.


Day 3      Deuteronomy 2:1-7 

Reflect: How do you see God’s faithfulness and provision portrayed? What did the Lord want to teach His people in this time of wilderness wandering?

Apply:   How appreciative are you of what God has provided for others? How does verse 7 apply to your life? Take time to thank God for all the blessings He has provided for you.

Pray:     Lord, You proved Yourself to be faithful to Your people even when they were unfaithful to You. Rather than wandering in the wilderness of rebellion, may we allow You to refine us to be people of faith, trusting Your daily provision.


Day 4      Psalm 145:8-17

Reflect: How do you see God as Provider?  Review the lines of the psalm that start with, “The Lord…” Thank Him for how He has revealed Himself to you in these ways.

Apply:   For what things about God are you most grateful? How much of your life is spent   proclaiming God’s praise? Ask God to show you any attitudes that need to change.

Pray:     You are my God who is worthy of continuous praise and worship. Help me to share Your grace and goodness with those around me. May my heart be full of worshipful praise so that in every circumstance I proclaim, “You are Lord!”


Day 5    Psalm 111:1-10     

Reflect: Based on this psalm, in what specific ways does God provide for His people? Why is the fear of God important and fundamental as we consider His works?

Apply:   What are three things God has provided for which you are most grateful? Did you ask for these things?  Spend time praising God for giving you what you need.

Pray:     God, You have been the help and refuge of Your people for generations. May I live in Your presence, love all that is good and true, and serve You in every aspect of my life.



Put it into Practice

Week 3: God is Our Provider

Build time into your daily prayer life to thank God for His provisions and how He meets your needs. (“God, thank you for encouraging my heart through the words of my co-worker yesterday”.) Take time to talk to Him about the things that you need. (“God, I am feeling scattered and frazzled and long for rest.”)