Finding Rest in My Relationships July 1-5

To reduce stress in our relationships, we must make relational changes. It’s easy to point the finger at the other person and expect them to change. Trying to fix another person only adds to anxiety. But moving from stress to rest in relationships begins with ME. In most relationship issues, we personally contribute to the problem, so we always begin with looking at our own hearts. We reset our expectations of the relationship. We minimize our egos and put others before ourselves. We seek to grow in empathy toward others. We ask God what He desires to love others well.


Day 1       Philippians 2:3-8 

Reflect: How does selfish ambition impact relationships? What about the desire to impress others? Describe Jesus’ attitude toward others.  What is God saying to you in this text? 

Apply:    Which thought enters your mind most often—“What am I getting out of this relationship?” or “What does God want for this relationship?” Rate yourself on the pride-humility scale. 

Pray:      Jesus, make me a channel of blessing for Your love, peace, and joy to flow through me to others. Teach me to humble myself under Your mighty hand and learn to say, “Thy will,not mine, be done.”


Day 2      Romans 12:9-18 

Reflect: As you read these directives, do some self-reflection. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you any attitudes from which you need to repent. What needs to go so that your love grows?  

Apply:    In this text, which “do not” is the Lord drawing to your attention and why? What relationship in your life needs some TLC (tender loving care)? might help enhance this relationship? 

Pray:     Jesus, love in me and love through me. There’s no other way I can love anyone well. Teach me how to deeply love from my heart, just as You so passionately and gladly love us.


Day 3      Colossians 3:12-17 

Reflect: Based on verse 12, describe each characteristic in the context of relationship. How would living with a “peace” mindset change relationships? A “unity” mindset? 

Apply:  How quick are you to forgive? To seek forgiveness and to say you’re sorry? Who has counseled you with wisdom? How would applying verse 17 impact your relationships?  

Pray:    Jesus, search my heart and show me anything that prevents me from living as Your witness. Help me keep my eyes on You and my heart ready to do Your will for Your glory. 


Day 4      Ephesians 4:25-32 

Reflect: What do you think is at the root of lying? Of anger? Bitterness? Stealing? How does identifying and understanding the root cause help to eliminate these kinds of behaviors? 

Apply: What speaks loudest to you? Why? Are you, or is someone you know, holding on to anger? What does verse 27 say about it? What does verse 30 mean to you?

Pray:     Holy Spirit, help me lovingly and respectfully speak to others. I want my words to be spoken with love and power for redemption and healing in the lives of those who hear me.


Day 5      Galatians 5:13-26 

Reflect: What is the difference between the two concepts of freedom described in verses 13-14? What results if we truly walk by the Spirit? Is the fruit of the Spirit for us or for others?

Apply:   What fruit and/or major changes has the Spirit produced in your life? How did it happen? How have others benefited from it? Is the Spirit or your flesh more in charge?

Pray:     Father, open my heart to the astounding truth of my freedom in Christ. Dying to my sinful nature frees me to serve, love, relate, and connect with people. Use me to bless others as they seek to walk in the light of their freedom in Christ.



Put It Into Practice!

Week 2: Finding Rest in My Relationships

Begin praying consistently for your relationships, asking these questions—”What does God want for this relationship?” “Within me, what thoughts, attitudes, or perspectives need to change?” “Am I holding on to unforgiveness, bitterness, or resentment?